My Jingle Joe Stats! (Day 1)

It is that time again… New costume, new stats! It has been just under a day since the new week 3 content was released but I am pretty impressed with these freemium stats!


I haven’t bought any premium buildings or used any Clams to speed any tasks!

I have collected 6 Spiked Eggnog (9 left to go), 6 Snow Shovels (9 left to go) and 1 Wreath (9 left to go). So, I have 9 of every item left to go! I think the Wreath’s are going to be my issue as they are rare too!

With all of these items collected, I have managed to bring the overall Clam cost for Jingle Joe down to 180!

How are your stats? Hope you are all doing well! 🙂


6 thoughts on “My Jingle Joe Stats! (Day 1)”

  1. With only 1 person collecting the wreaths will be a nightmare. All the other collectors are premium, or from earlier events, or need to be won from the gift boxes.


  2. I’m having no prob with wreaths. 4/10 all form Bruce and that task is a multiple chance of task right now. 3/15 egg nog with superstore usa and joe sponge bath and 5/15 shovels. With Bunny Hill and chris and peter’s tasks. I think I saving cookies until I finish Jesus though, just need 2-3 rounds on my first top hat yeti and then one more top hat yeti and I should have everything for him.


  3. Wow. Looks like this week it is your turn to blow me out of the water. I’ve only gotten 2 Eggnog, 3 shovels, and 2 wreaths.

    If I were to buy him with clams right now it’s cost me 205 clams. Hopefully I can do a bit of catch up before your next update.


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