How do I unlock Puppy Brian?

This has been taken from our FAQS post, but some readers have asked how to unlock Puppy Brian, so I have extracted the info:

How do I get Puppy Brian?

Puppy Brian is available to craft in Santa’s Workshop. To get him, you will need to collect the following items: 

10 Candy Canes (rare) from clearing Snowmen and Goody Gumdrop’s

10 Dolls (rare) from clearing Mall Santa’s and Lucky’s Orphanage 

40 Wrapping Papers (rare) from Nice Last Minute Shoppers and Holiday Babble Greeting Cards 

5000 Christmas Cookies


13 thoughts on “How do I unlock Puppy Brian?”

  1. Im am 2 wrapping paper stocking away from puppy brain, I have jesus. Key was to buy the die hard character to battle the yeti. That helped a lot on the yeti, now having joe, mort, louis, jesus, and Jhon. It’s easy to get cookies and beat the yeti. If you haven’t had help on the shoppers just tap them and keep them still, they stay still for longer then 4 sec each keep taping till they build then bomb, makes shopping easy!


  2. You would have to literally not use the stockings you get to make presents to unlock babs to try and get puppy brian with you getting them 1 in every 5 bombings so puppy brian will be most likely impossible unless you can get him with clams and the same goes for jesus


  3. Under the FAQS it says the nice shoppers drop wrapping paper they are the 1’s in Green jumpers & Dark Green scarfs. The naughty shoppers are in the brown jumpers and drop gingerbread & sometimes clams.
    I’ve been hitting the nice 1’s trying to get wrapping paper but The majority of them DONT drop paper just gingerbread. I’ve messaged Tinyco about it.


    1. I’ve been doing my best to calculate how often the green last minute shoppers drop wrapping paper. As far as I’ve been able to estimate it looks like one out of every three will drop wrapping paper the other two drop cookies.
      Has anyone else out there got a good estimate from their game?


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