Gold Mystery Box Tip!

Do not race ahead and purchase the Gold Mystery Box for 50 Clams!

Update: Bunny Hill is also in the shop for CC and buying it will remove it from the premium mystery box!

I checked the prizes and saw that you could win a Kiddy Train and Elves Display deco… but I had just seen these decos in the shop for Christmas Cookies!



I bought both of the freemium decos and when I went back to check the Gold Mystery Box, the two decos had disappeared as prizes … so you will have a higher chance of winning Manger, Meg’s Driveable Pink Luxury Car and Peter’s Christmas Tank!


9 thoughts on “Gold Mystery Box Tip!”

  1. The good thing also about buying the Bunny Hill is that it can drop a shovel when you place it (not just when you collect rent). I’m not sure if it always drops or if you just have a chance but I got one.


  2. I did exactually this. Several of the new decos disappear when bought.

    I then decided to wing it on the box since 50 is doable with 100 and 150 clams as prizes too. In order, I got the Pink Car, Manger, and the Tank. I am stoked! No “junk” pulls and the vehicles DRIVE!


  3. Bunny Hill was in the shop on my game, brought it for Christmas Cookies, not sure if this was a glitch, or if it is meant to be in the shop.


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