Character: How do I unlock Babs Pewterschmidt

Find out what you need to unlock Babs Pewterschmidt:

**Do NOT repair the Train Station AGAIN**



Do not repair the train station, just like Jasper, as Babs Pewterschmidt will be found by you when you have… so if you have already begun, do not tap the tick when it has finished repairing!


You need two items from the new Gift Box, the Fancy Gift Box, so you need to make sure you have collected those items first otherwise you could run the risk of losing Babs Pewterschmidt.

You only get 5 days to get the three items needed, one is from the Snowflake Gift Box and two are from the Fancy Gift Box, but you dp not get as long as Jasper.

In the quest “Five Golden Rings Pt. 1” Lois needs to run to the train station to pick up a special guest. Repair the Train Station Platform to find Babs!

To unlock her, you’ll need to collect the following items: 


Death Row Caviar (Snowflake Mystery Box)

Chanukah Bush (Fancy Gift Box)

Les Bijoux (Fancy Gift Box)

If you unlock Babs completely before the Christmas event ends, she is yours to keep forever. Otherwise, she will disappear when the Miracle on Spooner St. event ends.   


3 thoughts on “Character: How do I unlock Babs Pewterschmidt”

  1. Is there a pre-requisit to be able to start the quest for barbara? Lois doesn’t have anything for me and I don’t see the station needing repair again :S


  2. I only need to get the Chanukah bush but I haven’t got to the part where u can repair the train station. I’m just waiting for the 5 gold ring task to start. I’ve completed the timed event though , the elf you win is so funny. He runs about your town


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