Bombing Methods – Roads

A player has put up a screenshot on Facebook, other people have confirmed it has also worked for them so we though we would share it  as inspiration for your own designs!

Every time one of these bombing tasks comes along people come up with all manner of technical designs to trap those pesky invaders!

This one has had some praise over on Facebook and looks pretty ideal. I am going to give it a go when its not crazy o’clock in the morning.


The original poster said to not put any roads else where in your town and that he has experimented with shrubs and these work too!

Thanks to Steve Morgan for the tips and picture!


20 thoughts on “Bombing Methods – Roads”

  1. I have been using the same exact maze since the comic con convention and have never removed it. It has worked the same for on every event!

    So I wanted to share with you what I have and I hope it helps!


      1. Awesome! I am glad to help when I can. If is wasn’t for all the great tips here, I would have never made this far! So, for once I was able to give back 🙂


    1. You need to remove every road in your Quahog, leave just the road on the center of the maze. Then you get rid of some shoppers and leave onw or two bombs. You return to your game one or two hours later and go straight to check the maze, shoppers will “appear” out of thin air into every road you have (which should be just the center of the maze) and then you can bomb away. In previous events I had a rate of about 15 per bomb. I’m not sure now since it doesn’t really says how many I clear with each bomb.

      Cheers and Good Luck!


  2. I did a traditional spiral well-trimmed shrub maze radiating out from a 2×2 road square, and I (begrudgingly) deleted all my other roads.
    To get this tactic to work most effectively, you first need to kill 15 or more shoppers from your town, AND SAVE AT LEAST 1 FURBAL for your next visit. Then, next time you enter your town wait 10-15 seconds until your snowmen auto-spawn, as shoppers will also spawn on your road square and immediately enter your maze. At this point, bomb away, and reap the benefits of your labor!


  3. I tried it with bushes and the snowmen, santas, and characters go in and mostly stay, but the shoppers do not. I will have maybe one or two start to go in and they turn around and go back out. So I can confirm this does not work.


  4. Hi I’m new on here nd would like to say shrubs don’t work for a maze.. They walk right through lol I tried many attemps but alas, I even nuked my town to be sure so could someone enlighten me 🙂


      1. Yup tried pretty much every piece of decoration I could think of, but they keep walking through my maze walls like its nothing… Also they seem to spawn from the yeti cave? Like the snowman? Only sometimes will they spawn from the roads. Anyways I find there isn’t enough character to get bombs this time… Why would they have joe do it when you clearly need him to fight the stupid yeti… Gg tinyco.. Once again 90% of my guys do nothing helpfull to the event.


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