Week 3 Challenge Prize!

Have you checked the main event menu to view the challenge prizes?

I was being nosy and seeing if anything had changed yet, in preparation for an update at some point… when I noticed that this week’s challenge prize had been updated:


Looks like we are due to receive ‘Mutant Elves’… are these the elves that some players already have due to the glitches in week 1? What happens if the plsyer already has elves?!


4 thoughts on “Week 3 Challenge Prize!”

  1. They show the prize as the elf display but it’s also available to buy (which I did). Does everyone have or is it because I already the demented elf?


  2. I’ve got one of those creepy (yet oddly cute) little elves. But they call him a “demented elf”. But it sounds like the same thing. Weird


  3. I got four of these ugly little guys, 2 mutant elves and 2 Santa’s reindeers but they all look exactly the same and they’re running around Quahog. If you click on them they stay centered and the camera moves around townwith them. You can also pick them uplike a character but they don’t do anything else. You can also store them in your inventory and they go into the decorations tab. Weird thing is when you put them away in the tab they look like slimer’s butt.


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