Sony Pictures – causing issues?

We just had a post to our Facebook page with the following picture….


As you can see on the right hand side Sony Pictures’ icon seems to be embedded…..

What is that all about?! Are the app stores having a mix up or is there something going on behind the scenes we don’t know about?!

Either way I haven’t heard anything on the grape vine about any pending affiliations between Sony and TinyCo!

Thanks – Robert 🙂


6 thoughts on “Sony Pictures – causing issues?”

  1. Here is a quick tip…If you can get to where you are just about to beat the yeti, then rush two of you guys (closer to the end it is cheaper that way) but make sure you do not defeat him all the way. Get those two back on the yeti. Then rush the 3rd character to defeat. Then the other two will be on the yeti as it sits for four hours. When your two are done do not click the check mark. Then when the yeti wakes click the check mark and with 24hrs still to go you get two instant energy reductions! hope this helps.


  2. It’s not just a joke? You know, advertised update delayed then never comes, kind of like a certain movie. Not a good joke, but I’m just sayin’…


  3. Could this be some “joke” about North Korea shutting down the game like they did to The Interview? Maybe that’s why the update hasn’t gone live yet.


  4. This is the worst event they have done IMO. Its almost impossible to beat the yeti in the cowboy hat unless you stay up 20hrs or spend 200 claims on Bruce Willis. This makes it impossible to get Santa or Jesus.


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