Some Yeti tips from a reader!

One of our readers, Phill, has sent us some Yeti info that he hopes will help YOU…

“Don’t know if this can help anyone, but I’ve been using this to help me keep track:

The yeti can be hit 5 times in its 24hr cycle. Each task taking 4 hours, 4hr x 5 = 20hrs with a remainder of 3hrs and 59 min as it takes time to task characters.  (You can pay a small amount of clams e.g. at the end of the final 3hrs to beat the yeti to continue streak if you are close to defeating him.)

Lois & Mort can hit Min 1hp & Max 2hp per = between 5 to 10 each per 24hr
McLane & Jesus    Min 2 / Max 3 = 10 to 15 each per 24hr

I’ve got John which gave me flexibility, as I’m currently on 70 Snowflakes currently monitoring what my characters are doing to ensure I can still complete the normal quests, so far I’m up to date except Jesus and some Snowflake gift boxes.”

We hope Phill has helped you out! If you have any other tips or ideas, please let us know 🙂


7 thoughts on “Some Yeti tips from a reader!”

  1. If you are a few hits away from the final blow to defeat the yeti, say 3 hits needed. If you have all characters attacking just tap one at a time and then if you defeat him leave the other characters unchecked. Let them hover for the four hours. Then when the yeti reappears. Tap those characters for immediate punch then set them right back to attacking


  2. Put this on another post, if at the end you dont need to click them all if you only need a few hits to complete defeating him, I had two hits to get for example, Lois got the two hits needed, so left Jon and Mort unticked for the four hours for the Yeti to wake up, then I hit the ticks on Jon and Mort, that gave me four hits start as soon as he awoke, without waiting for the four hours for the normal time it takes them, leaving only 14 hits needed in the 24 hours, then put them all back on the task of defeating him, using ths method not needed to use any clams.


  3. Also if you have task someone to attack the yeti before actually defeating him you gain a couple of points. i.e. You have 3 points till defeat with Mort and Lois both fighting. Complete Lois task and get 2 health points, start her again on same Yeti task. Complete Mort’s task getting the last point and defeating the Yeti triggering the 4hr timer till he returns. Whilst Mort cannot attack the Yeti, Lois is only a few minutes into her 4 hour task, just wait to complete Lois task after Yeti returns, which should almost be the same time as each other and get an instant 1-2 attack points…

    I do this with John and Mort whilst I get Lois to grab a few stockings so an instant 3-5 points. Sometimes I even just let them hang for 8 hours till the next Yeti if I get lucky with the attack points so I don’t waste any..


  4. Here’s Another secret (I just got Jesus) Yes it takes 4hrs to defeat the Yetti (or low Hit points.) I have McClane, Lois and Mort. While they get the Yetti down to 0, Do NOT clear all of them (meaning hit the check mark) As he sits for 4 Hrs, they will stay in the action. When he come back to, THEN hit the CHECK MARKS to clear them and let them start again… Hopefully they wont fix (especially since more Yetti mean harder times)


  5. For a Freemium player, forget about getting the Childish Yeti just yet.

    You will need to average 1.8 per attack from Mort and Lois (2 characters x 5 hits = 10 total hits and 18 points needed). Presuming it is a total 50/50 whether the damage is 1 or 2, then it is going to be down to simple, pure luck to see if you can get over the average. Given that maximum possible total is 20, you will see how tricky this is. You will need a minimum of 9 x 2 point hits anyway.

    Again, assuming that it is 50/50 whether the hit is 1 or 2 damage, then each time you send both of them to the plate, there is a 25% chance they will both hit for 2, and you will need this four times, which basically makes (25% x 25% x 25% x 25%) a 0.4% chance of getting it.


  6. Thanks for the strategy pointers.
    So the reality is that Freemium players essentially have no way to beat the Childish Yeti at this point? I didn’t ever take the time to do the math up until now, but unless you get really lucky and get a couple 2 pointers in a row from both Lois and Mort you have no shot at him. I am averaging a 1 pointer from one and a 2 pointer from the other every 4 hours, that is 3×5=15. The good news is I can get some sleep now and stop trying to get him at this point. No use getting up every 4 hours if there is little to no chance to get him anyway.


  7. That’s how I’ve been doing it and I’ve unlocked Jesus. I just haven’t used any clams through. If I only have 3-4 bars left to get then I will just put Lois & Mort(or mort & John) on the task then when they have both finished I will tap on mort and if he takes 2 I will put him back on the task then take Lois off (get her to sort out some Santa’s) then after the 4 hrs I would of at least taken some bars off the yeti. I try to keep John on there at the end but it all depends on how many bars are left. If there’s 3 bars left and you tap on john and he takes all 3 bars then it won’t work. Even when the yeti is sleeping when he does wake up who ever is throwing snowballs at him (while asleep) it will come off the bars at the top. Sometimes I can even have 2 throwing snowballs at him while asleep. (Hope that makes sense)


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