Buildings Needed for Christmas Event

This is an incomplete list of buildings required for tasks and cookies / holiday cheer during the current Christmas event.

Will be completed soon, keep checking back!

Alien – N/A

Bitch Brian – N/A

Bitch Stewie – N/A

Bonnie – Quahog Mall, Swanson House, Griffin House

Brian – Griffin House

Bruce – N/A

Bryan Cranston – N/A

Buzz Killington – N/A

Carter – N/A

Chris – Quahog Mall, Griffin House

Cleveland – N/A

Connie – N/A

Dia De Los Muertos Consuela – Consuela’s House

Brain Damaged Horse – N/A

Diane Simmons – N/A

Dr. Hartman – N/A

Felicia Day – N/A

Francine Smith – N/A

Francis Griffin – N/A

Freddy Krueger – (no building associated with task)

George Takei – N/A

Hayley Smith – N/A

Herbert – Griffin House

Human Rupert – N/A

Jake Tucker – N/A

Jason Vorhees – (no building associated with task)

Jasper – Drunken Clam, Quahog Mini Mart, Madeline’s Boutique, James Woods High

Jerome – Quahog Mall

Jesus – Drunken Clam, Quagmires House, Griffin House, Mall, James Woods High, Dead Format Records, Church, Quahog 5 News,

Joe – N/A

John McClane – Quahog Mall, Swanson House, Nakatomi Plaza, Quahog Day Spa

Lois / Sexy Santa Lois – Mall, Griffin House,

Mayor West – N/A

Meg – James Woods High, Griffin House

Predator – Quahog Zoo

Peter / Forklift Peter- Griffin House, Mall, Quahog Wharf

Quagmire – Mall, Quagmires Cabin

Roger – N/A

Seamus – N/A

Stan Smith –

Stewie – N/A

Tom Tucker – Quahog 5 News

Tricia – N/A

Vinny – N/A

Buildings not required for tasks:

Goldman’s Pharmacy (holiday skin)

Christmas Train Station

McBurgertown (holiday skin)


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