Coffee Morning with Stewie!

We thought we would start a new thread for players to discuss anything over a cuppa:


We were thinking about holding a virtual coffee morning for players to discuss a specific topic.

If you would like to get anything of your chest, feel free to do so on this thread.

What I am going to discuss on this open Coffee Morning thread:

St David Stars it has taken me five days to finally unlock Hanukkah Mort because of my drop rates of the St David Star Shields! I do not have long for this weeks challenge so I don’t think I will get the Human Rupert Ice Sculpture this week, which means I am going to lose out on the Grand Prize! I think the week challenge should have kicked off ONCE the player unlocked Hanukkah Mort as I haven’t been able to defeat the Cowboy Yeti with only Sexy Santa Lois!

Yeti: I don’t think it is great that you do not earn ANYTHING from hitting the Yeti, and only receive Snowflakes if and when the Yeti is completely defeated! The Stay Put Man and King Butt always earned you Marshmallows or Jell-o Shots each time they were hit, but you can spend hours and hours trying to defeat the Yeti on Cowboy mode and if you do not get the last few HP, you earn nothing and have to begin all over again… In 4 hours!

Secret Santa: I mentioned the Secret Santa gifts last week too… But, we should be able to see whether there are any neighbours that ACTUALLY need presents and do not have any! There is no backlog that shows us whether we have gifts pending and I only ever get a gift if my game has crashed and when I get back on, I get a notification to say someone has left me a gift… But if my game hadn’t crashed, I wouldn’t have known and carried on with my life until my alarms went off again to go back on it! TinyCo has advised that you should force-close your game to receive a gift… But how do you know when you are meant to receive one (if you have one)?!

Look forward to hearing your ideas, whinges, gripes, and speculation!


11 thoughts on “Coffee Morning with Stewie!”

  1. I think it’s good to reiterate that when fighting the yeti make sure that before you kill it restart a character to throwing snowballs so when he respawns you can get an instant 1-2 point jump. Just don’t tap on the check box it will carry over. I’ve been using this trick with much success. I’ve also been using free clams when it gets down to 2 clams to speed up finishing and gain myself a little leeway and some sleep. I know it’s annoying but I’ve been setting an alarm and getting up around 3 am just to hit and going back to sleep.


  2. Why couldn’t Ollie return a gift to you every time you give him one? Ollie seems to be getting the better end of the gift giving spirit. Seems like he is a nice guy on the show, but pretty greedy in the game. Reflection of the company programming him? Hmm…

    Secret Santa idea is nice, but poorly executed. It is a great idea to introduce giving items to friends around Christmas, but I don’t use Facebook, I use Google+ (= no in game friends). So why can’t we also assign friends that way too. Again Android/Google gets the short end of the stick when it comes to this game.
    1. No Golden Suit Peter, even though you can go play the game on iOS to earn him but he doesn’t show up in your game when playing on Android.
    2. Rollocop Joe was supposed to be Android exclusive, but if you play primarily on iOS, you could go play on Android to start him and then go back to iOS and earn and keep him in your game. Sure…Exclusive…right. It should have at least been the same for Rollocop on Android as Golden Suit Peter is on iOS, or change Golden Suit Peter…
    3. As stated above Facebook vs. Google+.


  3. Hmmm… between me and my GF sending gifts back and forth and the 8 or so I’ve given to other players, we actually both have all the Secret Santa Gifts. We’ve each gotten the 5 clams 3 times each as well at current track.

    Add in that I am currently Cheer 9 and she, Cheer 5. I play more. 😛 Each of us has all 5 avbl Santa gifts too at 1 clam each. That means I have received a current total of 50 clams and she 20 out of a possible 65 for Cheer Level and Santa Gifts. Plus our bonus 15 from Secret Santa = 65 for me and 45 for her.

    Minus the Secret Santa, we are each guaranteed 65 clams from just Cheer Level and Gifts alone! Throw in what we get from Secret Santa Gifts and the actual bonus clams that can and have been won from actually GIVING the Secret Santa gifts. I have given out 16 now with 4 more ready and we’re not even done with Week 2 yet!

    Don’t forget the chance of perpetual clams from Jesus too. I think TinyCo is doing pretty good on giving out free clams for this event. I personally aim for a net of 150 or so clams for FREE at least by the end of the Event. Given the Clam potential, you should almost be able to earn John for free if you pushed your earning potential!

    That all said, man does Jesus have a blue stocking fetish. Give me a good reason he needs 100 of them. 😛


  4. Childish yeti is impossible with only Lois and mort so getting the snowflakes for Jesus is probably not going to happen.four hour task for this is a joke.


    1. Its not impossible, having Lois and Mort do it, they can battle a total of 12 times between them, and there are 18 hearts to beat, he loses 1-2 every time (which is 2-4 if you use both characters) so yeah, its definitely do-able, tough but do-able



      1. It’s possible but you have to lose sleep, always be on time and get lucky with 2 hp hits. So practically it’s almost impossible.


  5. After 9 months of having a laughably underdeveloped and mismanaged social aspect in the game, I am not at all surprised that the gifting process in this Christmas update has this many glitches and head-scratching idiosyncrasies. We still need a friending option that doesn’t involve Facebook, and TinyCo needs to reassign a few folks from their Player Money Scamming Department and have them develop better social functionality in the game.
    I can see why folks are upset about the yeti, without McLane there’s no way I’d be beating him daily–it’s not possible without clams IMHO. As it stands though I’m on track to snag Jesus in 5 more days (unless I get an influx of snowflakes along the way).
    I’ve said this every time there’s been a premium box, but HAVING COOKIES, SNOWFLAKES, AND DOLLS IN A BOX THAT COSTS CLAMS IS TANTAMOUNT TO STEALING MONEY FROM PLAYERS!!! Sub par prizes in clam boxes must stop, and I encourage everyone to send TinyCo an in game Help message to tell them so! It’s thievery, plain & simple.
    Okay, I’m of the soapbox now. Happy Wednesday everyone.


  6. I don’t have a problem withy the yeti yet but I hate how the childish yeti can’t be destroyed by mort and Lois. Jesus or McClane are needed as well but I’m not paying for McClane and Jesus is too expensive right now.
    Also the secret Santa feature shouldn’t even exist because of how problematic it is.


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