What can you make John McClane do?

Premium character time! 200 clams will buy you a badly voiced Bruce Willis!




12 thoughts on “What can you make John McClane do?”

  1. it was worth it for me I saved up clams and purchased him. now I have three persons that can defeat the yetti which will give me more blue presents which leads to more chance of getting Jesus


  2. There’s way better characters/films Associated with Christmas they could’ve used for a Christmas event. What about the The Grinch? Or Jack Skellington (nightmare before Christmas)


  3. Really! If they are going by that logic we should be expecting gremlins next week (that actually would be awsome though) or iron man 3, they did take place around Christmas!


    1. Erm…at the start of the first one, there’s a Christmas party at the offices where his wife works, technically it’s a Christmas movie Saad 🙂



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