Have you found Jesus?

Jesus is hiding at the end of the Gift Box menu, when you tap on the Santa’s Workshop! Did you know that at the end of his 24 hour task, he could drop Clams?!

In the same way as Halloween, you have to collect items to create Jesus, this is what you will need:


15,000 CC


100 Snowflakes from clearing the Viking Yeti and Frosty-butt’s Flavored Ice

Once you have Jesus, he will help you defeat Yeti.

Once you level him up to Level 3, he will have a special 24-hour action, “Turn Water into Clams,” which has a chance to drop clams!   


10 thoughts on “Have you found Jesus?”

  1. If we defeat all the yetis will we have enough snowflakes to get Jesus? Because I sure don’t have enough clams and I don’t think I’m the only one.. 😦


  2. Since I’ve heard about the “water into clams” move for Jesus, I’ve been wondering if it’s only during the holiday season or if it’s a permanent move. Any way the moderators could look into that?


  3. I understand that Rypodfamguy, which is why I suggest not including the last beeped part or the alternative Mr. Falcon. Both are far less annoying then the audible beep.


  4. So I guess this is one of those I put off until the end of the event, just like me weed in Halloween. 15000 CC and 100 snowflakes seems a lot right now but I’ll prob get it in the end, I always do.


  5. Do you have any info if he talks something? Also I would really like to know if John Mcclane says something, especially yippi… 😀 I’m not gonna waste my time or money on another speechless character…


    1. John MiClane does speak. It sounds to me that it’s actual Bruce Willis voice quotes from the movie. He does say Yippee-Ki-Yay ****** **** but that last part is beeped out. Bad decision by TinyCo to have it beeped, either don’t include that last part or use the far more humorous “Mister Falcon” line from Die Hard 2.


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