My stats for Sexy Santa Lois – Day 3 (yesterday)

Sorry I didn’t post my stats yesterday, our puppy was I’ll and had to go to the vets, and we had to finish clearing the Kitchen due to having it refurbed… But, here are my stats for yesterday:



As you can see, I only need two more Sexy Santa Dresses, but one dropped this morning, so hopefully I will get Sexy Santa Lois today or tomorrow so I can start clearing Mall Santa’s… And not receive any dolls 😦

Have you unlocked Sexy Santa Lois now? I couldn’t play much yesterday so I might have unlocked the costume yesterday! Have you found this costume easier than other costumes?


12 thoughts on “My stats for Sexy Santa Lois – Day 3 (yesterday)”

  1. They’ve adjusted the drop rate for the doll stockings, so that’s the good news! I’m pacing things out and snagging Santa during the work day and sending her to long tasks at bedtime when I can’t check every two hours or so. I panicked through the Halloween event and finished way too early with tons of money left over to spend on nothing. This time I’m pacing it out and still seem on track with little clams. I bought the trailer because I liked it, but nothing else. No room and I can be picky about buildings in this game BC there are just so many.


  2. I managed to unlock Lois yesterday (Day 3), Happy Greek dropped 1 at the end of day 2 and Bonnie dropped the last 1 first thing on day 3. On way to unlocking Jasper as you need 3 buildings from gifts in 7 days from the moment you finish building the train station.

    Tinsel town pt 5 is on hold as Lois is set to work clearing mall Santa’s farming Dolls, which is also helping with the Give me a sign challenge at the same time.


  3. Unlocked her just today. Got two dolls so far from clearing two Mall Santa.You should be able to unlock her today hopefully. Keep up the good work.



  4. I got my final dress I needed this morning and have started on the train depot and have Lois working on mall Santas. I play freemium only.


  5. I’ve unlocked her, but I almost wish I hadn’t bothered because at the rate she’s needed for all the Christmas missions, and then on top of the extremely rare way the dolls are dropping, you pretty much have to choose between unlocking Jasper or progressing the Christmas story missions at all.

    It’s virtually impossible to send her on this long 12 and 8 hour missions and also hope to get any dolls to make the striped gift box, because you need all 8/12 of those hours just to get one doll stocking at this rate.


  6. i unlocked her yesterday morning and have sent her on about 5-6 clear mall santa tasks with not a single one dropping the doll prize. it’s beyond frustrating…suggestions?


  7. Since I had the Smiths house and got the happy Greek first I managed to get the dresses instantly. What I lack of now is one mistletoe and I hope the Christmas drunken clam drops it in 5 hours.


  8. I was exactly where you are. Let’s see if you get your last one from the Greek like I did last night. I sent lois on the 12 hr task since it was bed time and she is now clearing her first mall Santa.


  9. Got her late last night… but I’m so annoyed by her drops. I mean, at least with the Snowmen, there were multiple and it felt like you got at least one drop per batch of Snowmen, but with Lois, two hours for one chance. I’ve had her go on it for.. 6 times now, and got 2. Not bad, but I’d prefer if the chances of getting them was more especially if they want us to get at least 10 to unlock Jasper in a week and more throughout the event. It wasn’t this hard for the Halloween Event at this point.


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