Gift’s in the Holiday Gift Box


This is my swag from the holiday gift boxes I have opened so far. It’s hard to be sure exactly what is in the box to win at the moment as they haven’t added a list of prizes.

Note: When you have all items the box disappears! So no repeats!

You need 5 Candy Cane Stockings and 150 CC for each box!



Chris Griffin’s Drafting Table


Brian’s Inspiration Corner


Christmas Drunken Clam


Skate Pond


The Happy Greek

You can win 150 CC too, but I never received them before my box disappeared!


19 thoughts on “Gift’s in the Holiday Gift Box”

    1. This happened to me. It’s just because you put it in your inventory immediately when you got it rather than placing it. Go to your inventory, place it somewhere then put it back in the inventory if you don’t want it out and it’ll update the wish list.


  1. Hey guys. Contacted support for Brady but I figured yall would know. My boyfriend is having a problem. He hasn’t got everything from the gift box yet, but now it is showing a locked icon like what is over the other boxes. When you look at what is required, it says Christmas Tree. The only one he can open is the stripped one, but seeing as he is still working on unlocking Lois herself I don’t see that one happening anytime soon. Anybody else have this problem?


    1. Yes. Once you get all the items in that box you can get, you won’t be able to make another one and it disappears. Which I quote from this topic;

      “Note: When you have all items, the box disappears! So no repeats!”



  2. I just open the Holiday gift box and got everything except for the building u needed to get jasper so I’m thinking this will be it…..nope. It’s not a repeat…actually, it’s that light arche that we can buy in the regular shop but instead of just blue it’s in all different colors. Well I didn’t buy the one in the shop yet but it look different to me. Have u guys heard anything about it?


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