What Grinds YOUR Gears?

Welcome to our Monday post – ‘What Really Grinds Your Gears?’ – come and share ‘What Really Grinds Your Gears’ with the FG: Tips team!


Lots of events and content updates have been bombarding us all lately, so there must be something that has ground your gears to dust at some point!


We would really like to hear what has been grinding your gears lately, is it the timer to win the Klaus decoration? Or the timed mini events on top of American Dad? Or the drop rates for Francine/Fat Lois/Roger?


21 thoughts on “What Grinds YOUR Gears?”

  1. The game crashes constantly and doesn’t save properly. Last night I put all my characters on tasks to get the last feather boa and Wine Box I need and in the morning I checked and they didn’t start the task… now I only have 15hrs to try to get it before Klaus’ timer runs out.


      1. I had 10min. left on the Klaus timer, only needed one more feather boa; Peter, Hayley and the clam building had one hour and 15min. left. So I decided to gamble and pay 2 clams each to finish their actions, it was only 6 clams vs the 125 clams from Roger’s spaceship. So, I tap Peter, finish his action and voila! 2 clams for a feather boa and I got Roger in time to get Klaus. Also, I got the 10 clams from completing the Smiths…


  2. I’m not sure if all the mini events screw up the timers for existing quests because these damn muffins are beyond epic to get. I was able to get 3 “epic” feather boas in less time than 1 freakin “rare” muffin. Ridiculous. and I was so focused trying to finish Francine so I could have a chance at Klaus that I missed out on finishing the Fat Lois questline which I had no idea had a time limit. I thought only getting the skin would be timed, not the entire quest. Super. Don’t get me wrong, I love the game and am a freemium player, I just wanna know if having so many events happening on top of each other messes with the codes or overwrites existing timers because its happened in the past too. Items would drop at a reasonable rate, then all of a sudden halt completely when a simultaneous event launched. Something to look into….


  3. The 16 hour wait to build Rogers spaceship really grinds my gears. Also the drop rate for the wine boxes! Those two combined will probably make it so I can’t get klaus. At least he’s only a decoration.


  4. The Smith house, Roger’s place, and a few others cost clams when they are staples of the show and should be available for coin. Oh there’s an American Dad billboard we can buy for coins? Fan-freakin-tastic. I’ve never seen a house cost clams that wasn’t tied to a premium character. One of the Smiths should have come with the house rather than all the vehicles we kept getting. Jeff’s Van is the only one that NEEDED to be there, the rest are missable. There’s plenty more to rant about like the timer and those damn muffins, but everyone knows that by now. OH, one more, still no Carl on Android X-(. Missing out on soooooooooooooooooooo many clams, totally unfair. This is even worse than the week delay for ComicCon because clams are useful forever, for any event.


    1. I agree – I want The Smith House too! It should have come with Stan! Exactly the same with Roger’s place – should’ve come with Roger! Haha, are you telling me that you don’t LOVE all those billboards?! 😉 I am surprised we don’t have golden statues of the American Dad characters and topiaries which cost around 1000 Clams EACH… Maybe we will soon! 😛 I don’t have Carl either 😦 I guess you haven’t received a response from TinyCo about Carl yet? I haven’t either!


      1. I did actually get a partial answer, it’s specifically the Samsung and Amazon devices that currently do not have access to Carl. I sent another email asking for more details like WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???!?!?!?! and other details like WHEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!?!?!?! I’ll let you know when/if I get the full response. I even made the point that if I was able to earn clams all this time, I would have had enough for the Smith House.


  5. The drop rate for epic items. Am I the inky one having an impossible time getting them? Namely the feather boa for Roger.

    Land, with all the content that has been coming out there’s just not enough space to put everything.

    The fact that Tiny Co is a serious cash grabber. I mean, I get that it’s a “freemium” game but come on, it seems like every special event that comes out you have to buy something or it it practically impossible to complete.


    1. How many Feather Boas do you have The Dude? Have you received any? There are a mix of players that have received them easily, and the other half haven’t but have easily got the other items :/ Level 7 for Hayley’s task is a bit extreme, but are you using Hooker Peter’s 4 hour task to help? I am having issues with Box Wine for Roger and Muffins for Francine! Grrr!

      We are due to receive new land in 3 days! Woohoo! Lets hope we get enough for Xmas too!

      Very true, I think they should continue what they started during Halloween – coins for buildings that dropped items ALWAYS! At least that seemed fair and freemium players didn’t feel left out! There should always be a coin item dropping building per mini event, even if it is just one building!


      1. Gear grinding…

        Muffins took me more than a week to get them all. Just unlocked Francine this morning. That is not “Rare”, that is definitely “Epic” or at the very least “Extra Rare”. I think I averaged about 1 a day. Boas took me a few days to get them all, glad we only needed 3. Wine Boxes are turning out to be similar to Muffins, only have 4 so far. None have dropped from Rogers ship up to this point. Looks like I won’t be getting Klaus.

        Black Friday Sales on Thursday! Retailers have decided that Black Friday is now a Holiday day of it’s own and sales now revolve around the day, not just occurring on the day. How sad to be an employee at one of these stores that opened at 4 or 5 pm Thursday. These poor people had to go to work while the rest of their family were home enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner and the company of family and friends.


    1. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been getting up in the middle of the night to set Lois and Bonnie. I have 6/10 with 24 hours to go. They seem to be dropping like they did before they made it so you had a better chance next time if one didn’t drop.


  6. What grinds my gears:

    1. Intimate Apparel Peter

    2. Roger items drop rate

    3. Fat Lois Missions, especially to buy these thanksgiving decorations.

    4. Only three days until the end. Is TinyCo kidding us?


    1. 1. Intimate Apparel Peter’s timer?

      2. Agreed! Which items are you finding difficult?

      3. Are you glad that Fat Lois’ questline disappeared nearly two hours ago now? Or annoyed it didn’t stay?!

      4. Is the three days comment regarding the Klaus timer or regarding the characters and questlines for American Dad?


      1. 1. No, the whole event. I didn’t found it difficult to get him though. Then again I think he’s going to be useless.

        2. Wine boxes. Today however all characters that were set to drop these dropped them. I am having 6/10 now, which is okay considering that I didn’t start the timer for Klaus yet.

        3. Yes, especially because Lois was one of the two main characters that could drop muffins for Francine. Also the other characters involved in her quests were necessary for other tasks that time.

        4. Both. Thanks to you I found out that the Klaus timer is going to stay active after the event so it doesn’t bother me anymore when it comes to that.


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