Roger Run Amok: Walkthrough

Should it be “Roger RUNS amok”?! Anyway, here is the second walkthrough as part of the final week of American Dad.

Roger Run Amok P.1
-Have Roger Pass the Time – 4h

Roger Run Amok P.2
-Have Roger Steal Drinks From Others – 1h
-Have Peter Hang Out at the Clam – 1h

Roger Run Amok P.3
-Have Roger be a Master of Disguise – 12h
-Have Roger Lasso a Man – 2h
-Have Tweaker Peter Break Things Badly – 2h

Roger Run Amok P.4
-Have Roger Catch the Magic Clam – 2h
-Have Peter Wash the Dishes at Founding Father – 2h

Thats all folks! Have you enjoyed the American Dad event?


2 thoughts on “Roger Run Amok: Walkthrough”

  1. yeh i never got this either. I’m stuck on pt 6 for the Alien Inside because of quagmire’s 24 hr task, didn’t even bother running it because it would finish past the end of the event. Does this questline appear after the first one is completed?


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