Roger is here!

Quick post to let you know Roger has arrived! You do not need to have Francine unlocked!

You will need to hide Roger for 1 hour, once this is completed – you will unlock Roger’s Spaceship, which takes 16 hours to build! DO NOT TAP STAN AFTER HIDING ROGER – this will start the timer for the challenge!



7 thoughts on “Roger is here!”

  1. Argh I sent Stan on a 24 hour task after it looked like there wasn’t going to be any new content today. Oh well gives me another 22 hours to collect Muffins for Francine (currently have 4/10).


  2. I hope Roger does not have too much stuff. It seems like an impossibly short time. Especially as you can’t do anything for the first 16 hours.

    If anyone happens to speed up their spaceship build, please let us know what Roger needs. It would be nice to have every one we can on task before the 16 hours are up. Especially if they are long tasks.


  3. 4 days to finish Francine (I need 7 muffins still!) and whatever heck I need to Collect for Roger after the 16 hours to build his ship. ALL THAT just to unlock Klaus. It is WAY not enough time!


  4. Not quite yet… got an hour task to go through first haha! Then it takes 16 hours to create the UFO afterwards too!

    Also, realized the picket fence has gone up from 250 to 750!


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