Which Bitch is Which? Walkthrough

Bitch Brian and Bitch Stewie combined walkthrough.

Which Bitch is Which? P1.
-Have Bitch Stewie update Stewie Schedule. 6h, $65, 45xp.
-Have Bitch Brian find inspiration 12h, $100, 65xp.
-Have Bruce be a good listener 4h, $50, 30xp

Which Bitch is Which? P2.
-Have Bitch Stewie Alphabetise Porno Mags. 16h, $115, 75xp.
-Have Bitch Brian Iron Hawaiian Shirts. 16h, $115, 75xp.
-Have Quagmire listen to HAM radio. 2h, $30, 20xp.

Which Bitch is Which? P3.
-Have Bitch Brian do the scoot, 8h, $80, 50xp.
-Have Bitch Stewie Gene Kelly Dance, 8h, $80, 50xp
-Have Quagmire do the Giggity Strut, 2h, $30, 20xp


5 thoughts on “Which Bitch is Which? Walkthrough”

  1. How do i get this quest to start? I have both characters unlocked and they have their individual quests, but do I need to complete the individuals before the combined starts?


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