New Spirit Vial Brewing

TinyCo has added the ability to trade in your excess Stink Bombs, Ghost Traps, and S’ mores for Spirit Vials and limited time Halloween Decorations!

This is the breakdown of how many items you trade and what you receive:

If you trade 3 STINK BOMBS – you will receive 100 Spirit Vials and Jacked-Up Lantern

If you trade 1 GHOST TRAP – you will receive 75 Spirit Vials and Scary Tomb

If you trade 3 RED S’ MORES – you will receive 75 Spirit Vials and Red Flowers

If you trade 3 BLUE S’ MORES – you will receive 75 Spirit Vials and Yellow Flowers


If you trade 3 PURPLE S’ MORES – you will receive 75 Spirit Vials and Orange Flowers

What do you think about the trade in values? Are you pleased with the new feature? Have you taken advantage of the trade in’s?


6 thoughts on “New Spirit Vial Brewing”

  1. I have all that is offered…minus some random decorations that do not interest me. I have 105,000 spare vials and over 130 of each rocket, so I do not think there is really much else for me to do other than complete the Consuela actions and that will about do it. Bummer.


  2. I have done some math and unless you can get to the 25x multiplier and stay there, which I have yet to do, the cauldron is a better deal. Especially in the lower multiplier levels. The first round (1x) you get 40/50/60 SVs for 3 rockets on Stay-Puft, while you get 75 for brewing them. The second round (2x) is even worse, you only get double the first round (80/100/120) and it takes 7 rockets. You get 150 SVs for 6 rockets by brewing. I have brewed all my rockets because I already have enough Marshmallow Goop for the items I want to brew. Same goes for stink bombs. I never get more than 5 or 6 TOT’s per bomb at around 3 SVs per kid. That would be about 45-54 SVs for dropping 3 bombs versus 100 for brewing. All I need now is lots of Spirit Vials to get Mr. Weed.


  3. Need to do some math and see what’s the better deal? Continue to use up my ingredients and keep defeating the stay puft or trade them in for vials.


  4. Still, if you have the opportunity, it is better to keep the 25x streak which gives you 1250 vials + 25 goops for 30 rockets, instead of just 750 vials.


  5. Seeming I have all the ingredients for brewing, I’m gonna do this from now on to use up the rockets I get. I need to get some of the decorations still!


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