Warning: Freddy Kreuger

Completing Pt. 2 of Nightmare on Spooner St. Opens Ghostbusters Challenge Week 5!

To win the Ecto-1, you need to defeat Freddy in 3 days.

Make sure you have all the items to unlock Freddy before you dig him up otherwise you may start the challenge and lose out!


4 thoughts on “Warning: Freddy Kreuger”

  1. I think these warnings are great but for each of these timed challenges my clock starting counting down when I upgraded the portal & NOT when I started digging.


  2. Thanks for this! All I need is Spirit Vials to brew the items, which I’ve just used up on Connie. Shame we can’t sell our bones/tears/talons/corn/goop for vials, seeming I’ve counted up what I need, and I’ve got all the items (Bar 15 Banshee Tears which having Quagmire on constant work I’ll have by the weekend at the most) yet I still need 15,555 spirit vials.

    But I’m happy because I’ve just maxed out the portals at 10 and finally maxed out my level too!


    1. I wish we could sell our spirit vials for stink bombs and batteries. I’m sitting with over 50k of vials with nothing to spend them on (brewed everything and don’t want to spend vials on decks that will only sit in my inventory).

      Or at least give us the ability to gift vials or other items.


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