Sexy Witch Connie – Double, Double, Toil and Trouble.

This is the questline for Sexy Witch Connie.

Double, double, toil and trouble. Part 1.

Have Connie take Selfies. 2h, $30, 20xp.

Brew Sexy Witch Connie Outfit.
5000 spirit vials.
12 banshee tears.
20 candy corn.
10 latcher talons.
10 marshmallow goop.

Part 2.
Have Connie make Witch’s Brew. 4h, 2sv, 5fp.

Part 3.
Have Connie pass out treats at the high school. 2h, 10sv, 2fp.

Part 4.
Have Connie prank students at high school. 4h 15sv, 3fp.

Part 5.
Have Connie conjure a love Potion at McBurgertown. 1h, 5sv, 1fp.

Have Peter drink love potion at McBurgertown. 1h, 5dv, 1fp.

Part 6.
Have Connie make magic at Anal Point. 20h, 45sv, 9fp.

Have Peter get some action at Anal Point. 1h, 5sv, 1fp.

Have Lois break up lovebirds at Anal Point.  1h, 5sv, 1fp.


19 thoughts on “Sexy Witch Connie – Double, Double, Toil and Trouble.”

  1. Ummm…. connie is still locked outside of “we heal you long time.” I accidentally okay’ed creating her witch costume. Now, still locked, she wears her witch costume, and I can create her costume again in the cauldron. Am I screwed?


  2. I have a lock over her too! But I can still do the questions for her and she shows in my character list.. I don’t want to lose her. Also, I haven’t unlocked stepwise yet, but I brewed his costume. Do I have to unlock him before the event ends in order to keep it?


    1. If you have the costumes but not the characters then you can do the quests but you won’t be able to do anymore quests for that character until you unlock them 🙂



  3. I brewed my Connie costume and nothing *insert sad face here* I looked in my events, featured, characters, buildings and decos and it’s not there. I closed and restarted the game. Nothing. Any ideas? Can anyone help?


  4. Is Lois action in breakup lovebirds at anal point “censored “? When she gets there the whole animation is blackened….is this a glitch or is it supposed to be like this?


    1. Same here, I brewed the costume, but no questline yet. I’m in the process of crossing streams to unlock Freddy, does it pop after I unlock Freddy?


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