Week 4: Buildings and Decorations

TinyCo have given us a selection of new buildings and decorations this week which are all FREEMIUM, even been given a building which is $!


Haunted Carnival
– 750 SV
– Takes 8 hours to build
– Earns 15 SV and 3 FP every 12 hours
– Chance of dropping Ectoplasm needed for Ghostbuster Cleveland

Healing Crystal Shop
– 1000 SV
– Takes 4 hours to build
– Earns 8 SV and 2 FP every 6 hours
– ALWAYS drops Clean Boots needed for Ghostbuster Cleveland

Quahog Pest Control
– 1500 SV
– Takes 4 hours to build
– Earns 10 SV and 2 FP every 8 hours
– ALWAYS drops Ectoplasm needed for Ghostbuster Cleveland

Quahog Funeral Home
– 2000 SV
– Takes 4 hours to build
– Earns 10 SV and 2 FP every 8 hours
– ALWAYS drops Slimer Juice Boxes

Balloon Mania
– $5000
– Takes 12 hours to build
– Earns $60 and XP40 every 12 hours



Ghostly Coffin
– 150 SV

TP Tree
– 150 SV

What do you think about all of these freemium items? Do you think TinyCo has made it fair to only have freemium items this week seeing as Cleveland is premium for any players that joined late or missed getting him during the Peter Griffin and The Kingdom of the Full Moon event? Do you have a favourite building or deco so far?


4 thoughts on “Week 4: Buildings and Decorations”

  1. So far the premium characters have been from licensed properties. They couldn’t have been cheap to put in the game so I kind of understand why they’d want you to pay for them. The Ghostbusters stuff, the ships, and the Queen are free but not actual playable characters, maybe that’s as far as they wanted to go with free licensed items.


  2. Of course, the three premium characters released so far barely add up to what they charged for Bryan Cranston so I’m a little more okay with more less expensive characters.


  3. I’m both shocked and not shocked that we have these freemium buildings. I’m surprised because TinyCo has almost always had these types of things premium, but not shocked because they want us to buy so many premium items this time around1

    In my opinion, the premium characters this event has ruined it, imo. I prefer having the characters freemium with items to get for them. I know we have that for Diane and Fracis, but it would of been nice for at least ONE Halloween character freemium.

    I don’t know, maybe it’s me just being mad about not wanting to spend my money or whatever.


    1. I think it should have been a 50/50 thing, so half the halloween characters would be free and then they could have charged slightly more for the premium. Its would have echoed comic con then where if people really loved a character they happily spend as they already had some so they are more likely to want to complete a set, so to speak.


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