SPOILER ALERT: Who’s the Big Bad Boss?

As you know, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff has been celebrating the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters in a ghoulish fashion these past weeks, but with Halloween right around the corner, things are about to get waaaay scarier. No one is safe, nothing is sacred.


TinyCo is bringing four of the most famous Horror icons in history to Quahog: Predator, Freddy, Jason, AND Alien. One of whom has a very special role… Can you guess who will be the big, bad boss?


14 thoughts on “SPOILER ALERT: Who’s the Big Bad Boss?”

  1. Seeing as the next portal is gonna be The Nightmare Portal, it makes me think that Freddy Kruger is gonna have a bigger role to play than I thought he would. Can’t wait to get him next week, and as it’s my birthday on 31st, I’ll get him as a present to myself.


  2. Aw damn…I got both alien and predator but now if I get Jason I won’t have enough for Freddy and I think I spent enough on this event. Should I get Jason or wait for Freddy? I love them both equally. I just need someone to tip the balance on the scale for me.

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    1. At the moment it seems Jason is the Nathan Fillion. Jason drops a lot of stuff. He seems useful. However it seems that this is the case each week. So if you complete this weeks challenge without needing him to give you an extra boost, hold off for freddy 🙂


    1. Did something trigger is appearance? I’ve updated the game and portal, but no Jason yet. I haven’t defeated Stay Puft yet, and plan to collect plenty of rockets before I do and trigger the timer challenge. I’m sure I’ll get him and take advantage of the rocket/clam purchase weekend. Hard to avoid those when they’re so enticing! Back to Jason, strange that he has a 4 hr task when all others are 2hr and he’s the premium character. Does it always drop all 3 types, or just have a chance of dropping one out of the 3?


      1. Look for Jason in the event tab of your shopping cart.
        I’m hoping Freddy won’t cost too many clams, spent way more than I wanted on this event so far.


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