How to: Get Marshmallow goop

You are going to need lots of those Harpoons…. wait I totally meant rockets…..

In order to gain plentiful amounts of Marshmallow Goop you are going to need to get a decent streak going by Roasting the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

The more times you get him (every hour would be awesome, but wishful thinking for some) the more goop you get.

So again, don’t start the Ghostbuster Challenge by avoiding the completion of Trouble in Paradise Part 2. Save up those rockets and hit him where it hurts over and over when you have a nice tidy supply of rockets.


8 thoughts on “How to: Get Marshmallow goop”

  1. Thanks to this site I used the collect 35+ of each strategy and won this weeks challenge all in a day of trying. Thank you.

    Next question is…… Does the stay puff man leave this week or is he sticking around til the end of this event?

    Anybody know?


  2. 3,7,13,20,? But will find out later what I do is get the rockets asap, when I have the right amount I keep gettin them collecting more . I try and run the timer as long as I can, collecting as many rockets as possible. that way im prepared for the next streak.


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