Ghostbuster Joe Questline: Roll Out

This is the walkthrough for the questline Roll Out.

Part 1: (Joe starts each part)



Part 2: ****** Do not complete if you do not have enough bombs collected******



Part 3:


To be continued……


7 thoughts on “Ghostbuster Joe Questline: Roll Out”

  1. I got the same issue. Upgraded to nightmare-portal before reaching Part 8 of the Rollout quest line, and thus it won’t acknowledge that I have reached the Stay Puft Portal.


  2. Then it’s have peter bust a library ghost 10 hrs have quagmire busy a library ghost 12hrs

    Then bust 5 terror dogs +5 banshees

    Then have joe ghost patrol 8hrs

    Then reach soul level 4 + upgrade to marshmallow portal


    1. My roll out 8 isn’t updating. I have upgraded my portal to the final stage, and it still won’t register that I have the Stay Puft upgrade. Anyone had this? Stopping me from finishing this quest line


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