Premium Character: Predator – what can you make him do?

*******If you have not shelled out 250 clams yet then this post will contain those pesky spoilers!*******



Many thanks to the twitter folk for these images!

These are the levels at which the above tasks unlock.



As he is now part of a questline and you can buy his ship for spirit vials, have you been tempted into buying him or are you all clammed out?


21 thoughts on “Premium Character: Predator – what can you make him do?”

  1. Been using predator for days but is stuck at level 2 and not moving. Playing on iOS any word if this is an issue or is he a pain to level up?


    1. It’s an issue TinyCo know about but if you email them at the more problem emails they get about certain issues, the more likely they are to sort them out quicker 🙂

      RyPod 🙂


  2. Predator now has a task called “Prepare for the hunt”. It’s a part of his new quest line envolving Joe. It’s a 4 hour task that earns 15 spirit vials and 3 fright points. It’s animation is rather funny as well.


  3. I have to say the purchase of a character for that many clams is quite steep regardless of what he does. There should be tasks to obtain him like all the other characters…..not expensive clams to get a character. Quite ridiculous….and to make it an actual task?? The buildings for clams and the traps is expensive enough….now characters.


    1. He is not to hadly priced for a premium character and he is as voiced as he can be! He also helps with getting rid of banshees. Otherwise he just looks cool and will earn you some spirit vials and fright points here and there! If you want a character who makes a huge impact to your game – he probably isn’t going to and there are premium buildings which will provide better value for clams.


      1. He comes with a skull pile. The ship costs vials. So it’s not a clam item. Plus it’s part of the quest line so it’s doable


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