Glitch: Latchers UPDATED

Just before I have a breakdown – anyone else suffering from post-update headache?

We have had word from TinyCo that the latcher issue seems to only be occuring for those who are on high fright levels. If you could please share your fright levels in the comments if you are experiencing the glitch.

It seems that not only do my poltergeists not count towards my totals…..

MY ZAPPING SQUARE ICON THINGY (technical name obviously) HAS DISAPPEARED INTO THE REALMS OF BEYOND. (picture courtesy of Zooeymarie… who still has hers!)

I must add that it was not collecting the poltergeists before but then I made it even worse by uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Never before has this caused a problem, it usually makes it better. Not this time!

I have zapped what must be 6 latchers now, in between trying all the usual fixes. Nothing has rectified the situation.

I am on android but so is Zooey Marie – her game works fine. So platform is ruled out as a contributing factor.

The only thing we have done differently is start trapping at different times. I started last night / early hours after the update hit. She didn’t start until after 10 am (BST) this morning.

You need to trap Latcher Poltergeist’s to progress with the questline: ‘The Search for Busts’ but the quest I am most worried about is the Weekly Challenge as this is timed… if I don’t get the Ghostbusters Locker… I will miss out on the Ecto 1 vehicle:

So my question is poised: if you are having the same problem – when did you start trapping?


18 thoughts on “Glitch: Latchers UPDATED”

  1. We’re on level 43 and android and it looks like problem has been fixed for us. Have just trapped one polts to finish one quest line and started trapping 2 polts for other quest and all counted.

    Finally all good for me so hopefully all good for other people too.


  2. Started last night and none are counting. I noticed that an update was made last night and though it didn’t make clear what was being fixed, it is possible that the update makes it work for people as long as they didn’t start the week 2 missions before downloading it. For me, it still doesn’t work.


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