Quest: Kool-Aide

This is the walkthrough for the questline Kool-Aide!

Kool-Aide Pt. 1

Get Kool-Aid Man

You unlock Kool-Aid Man by collecting:
– 10 x Cherries
– 25 x Pitchers
– 8 x Ice Cubes

*once you have created Kool-Aid Man, he will appear in your shop for FREE, he comes with Da Boom Box which Earns: $90, XP60 every 24 hours*

Have Chris Apply for Job at Buddy Cianci (Duration: 1 hour, Earnings: $20, XP12)

Earnings: $100, XP75

Kool-Aide Pt 2 (Chris needs to be free)

Have Kool-Aid Man Train 90’s Style (Duration: 2 hours, Earnings: $30, XP20)
Have Chris Make Copies at the Office Building (Duration: 6 hours, Earnings: $65, XP45)

Earnings: $100, XP75

Kool-Aide Pt. 3 (Chris needs to be free)

Have Chris Freeze a Tray of Ice Cubes at the Griffin House (Duration: 6 hours, Earnings: $65, XP45)
Have Kool-Aid Man Rock Out (Duration: 8 hours, Earnings: $100, XP75)

Earnings: $100, XP75

Kool-Aide Pt. 4 (Chris needs to be free)

Have Chris Be a Bodyguard at the Griffin House (Duration: 12 hours, Earnings: $100, XP65)
Have Kool-Aid Man Chill Out at the Griffin House (Duration: 3 hours, Earnings: $45, XP28)

Earnings: $100, XP75

Kool-Aide Pt. 5 (Chris needs to be free)

Have Lois Whip up Something to Eat (Duration: 5 hours, Earnings: $60, XP38)
Have Chris Chow Down (Duration: 1 hour, Earnings: $20, XP12)

Earnings: $100, XP75

Kool-Aide Pt. 6 (Chris needs to be free)

Have Kool-Aid Man Audition at the James Woods High (Duration: 10 hours, Earnings: $90, XP59)

Earnings: $100, XP75

Kool-Aide Pt. 7 (Chris needs to be free)

Place Skatepark (Costs: $3500)
Have Chris Hangout Bro Style (Duration: 12 hours, Earnings: $100, XP75, Joint task with Kool-Aid Man)

Earnings: $100, XP75

This is the end of this questline, how far have you got if you have unlocked Kool-Aid Man already?


8 thoughts on “Quest: Kool-Aide”

  1. I cannot find the skatepark??
    I click on the “place the skatepark”
    And nothing happens.. nothing in inventory and only the wheelchair skatepark in the shop and it doesnt work.. please help!!!


  2. What is the point of having 53 hours of tasks in the Kool-Aide Quest, I doubt many will be able to finish it. By the time I unlocked Kool-Aid Man, it is Monday morning 8:30 PST. I now have 30 hours to finish the 53 hour quest. Why would TinyCo even bother creating a quest this long with no real reason to even try to finish it? If they had Clams as a prize at the end of the quest I would understand, but just coins and XP, not worth it. $100 & 75XP for each phase of the quest…Meh.


  3. I’m never going to get enough pitchers with them being rare…….I’m trying to catch up because it’s the weekend, but I wish they would extend. This wouldn’t be a problem if pitchers were awarded more frequently.


  4. I hate this. Unlocking the character in the time given is hard enough we don’t need another 2 days worth of tasks after that. They did the same with sexy stewie and in the end had to extend it.


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