Mayor West: How Do I Create Cologne

We need to collect Cologne to help Mayor West, but we need to collect items to create the Cologne! Find out how to make Cologne:

5 x Empty Perfume Bottles (these are common):

– Make Dr. Hartman Test Experimental Drugs
– Make Stewie Play with Lois’ Stuff – Make Connie Get Luxury Spa Treament

6 x Toilet Water (these are uncommon):

– Make Mort Retreat Cowardly
– Make Brian Watch Lois Shower from Air Vent
– Make Herbert Take Gross Old Man Bath
– Make Chris Hang Out at Home

6 x Heavy Musk (these are uncommon):
– Make Vinny Smoke Cigar
– Make Carter Smoke Money Cigars
– Make Tom Buy Mustache Cream
– Make Quagmire Giggity Strut

750 Coins

What do you think about having to create 4 cologne bottles to help get Mayor West? How long will it take you?


7 thoughts on “Mayor West: How Do I Create Cologne”

  1. Did not like the building disappearing when this quest was done. This contributed absolutely nothing and the prize was LOSING a building. Very stupid quest.


  2. My Fragrance factory is now missing….. Was the fragrance factory a limited time building? I’ve finished making all 4 cologne bottles, but the building is missing from my town. It’s not in my inventory either. Anyone know the answer to this?


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