District 9: Buildings for Week 3

With week 3 of District 9, we have been given some new buildings, here is the list of the new buildings that will become available after completing Who Let The Dogs Out questline!

Mayor’s Mansion – Costs: $10000, Duration: 24 hours to build, Earns: $90, XP60 every 24 hours

Cute Li’l Orange Stand – Costs: $1500, Duration: 6 hours to build, Earns: $60, XP40 every 12 hours

Fragrance Factory – Costs: $7500, Duration: instant, you need this to create Cologne Bottles to help get Mayor West

Magic Clam’s Saltwater Taffy – Costs: $2250, Duration: 4 hours to build, Earns $55, XP35 every 10 hours

What do you think about all of these freemium buildings? Aren’t TinyCo being nice to us with all of this freemium content?!


4 thoughts on “District 9: Buildings for Week 3”

  1. I already have the taffy place and the orange juice stand, but no Mayors Mansion or Purfume Factory.

    And I totally agree that we need MORE SPACE!!!!


  2. Yeah, I like all of these, but I really running out of free space!! I already had to put some other buildings to the storage.. and this without having a lots of free green places.. everything is quite a little squeezed in.. 😦 I mean they have to realize that it is nearly impossible to put all the released buildings and decorations on the available space. Well, at least if you want to connect everything with streets.. maybe the streets should be smaller. As long as we cannot put cars on it, the size is useless anyway.. sigh..


    1. Have you got loads of offices like some players do to gain money and XP quickly? You can always clean up some of them into storage 🙂

      RyPod 🙂


      1. Nope.. 😉 I put them into storage first… now I had to take away some others.. and I couldn’t put all the comic com decorations / buildings anywhere.. it will be funny when they going to release all the Halloween content without new land.. aaargh.. I need them all.. xD


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