Character: How Do I Unlock Mayor West

We have finally received Mayor West! Find out what you need to collect to have Mayor West in your Quahog:

20 x Bags of Oranges (these are uncommon):

– Make Tricia Interview Shoppers
– Make Lois Buy Groceries
– Make Brian Fact-Check on the Internet
– Make Bonnie Buy Groceries

20 x Sausages (these are rare):

– Make Brian Do the Scoot
– Make Joe Host a Police Cookout
– Make Meg Scarf Down Hot Dogs

10 x Kittens (these are extra rare):

– Make Peter Roll Around with Animals
– Make Jerome Grow his Fro
– Make Stewie  Fish For Kittens
– Make Seamus Be a Scratching Post


Have you got to unlocking Mayor West yet? What do you think about the amount of items and the rarity of the items?


6 thoughts on “Character: How Do I Unlock Mayor West”

  1. I play everyday, sadly every hr or two. I am recovering from breast cancer and I can’t unlock vinny in time allotted. The quests involve the same characters for 10hrs on extra rare.. Mixed with smaller quests by the same characters is impossible.. Perhaps the lengthy quests should be common. Same with kool aid guy, I am unsure if I will unlock him, we will see. But I gave up on Vinny…Not enough time.. Boo. the kool aid guy, vinny and pink Brian being timed all at the same time is unfair when each have the same characters needing to be used…


    1. You can still get Vinny after the 3 days. Pink Brian is 1 candy a day and you had 15 days (I think) to collect 10 candies. There is no reason some couldn’t get Pink Brian or the Kool-aid man by signing in a couple times a day. I wasn’t able to unlock Vinny in the time alotted which would’ve given a bonus for the quest, but Vinny is still attainable!


  2. Noticing that some of these quests to unlock characters are getting ridiculous. There’s no way I’m going to unlock Vinnie in the time allotted, so I’m not even trying. Would love Kool Aid man, but I’m just not getting enough ice cubes to make it happen. Looking at the requirements for West I should have him unlocked in the spring, and I play multiple times a day…


    1. I didn’t think I stood a chance at Vinny either, but then I unlocked Stewie and Brian’s 2 hour tasks for his items and after that unlocking him was a breeze.

      The Koolaid man is a little tricky with only 1 non-premium way to get them but there is time to get them still, just log in every 8 hours or so (3 times a day isn’t too bad) snag a cube and at the same time get Kool Aid’s cherry while having the other characters work the jugs. (That sounded a lot more dirty than it was originally intended.)


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