Mayor West to Come Tomorrow and a New Celebrity Guest?

Hey Family Guy Players!

TinyCo has posted an update on Facebook regarding Mayor West and a celebrity guest that are coming soon. Click here for more information.

So to start, let’s start by quoting what TinyCo posted on Facebook.

My fellow Quahogians! The new District 9 content, including Mayor Adam West, will be delayed until at least tomorrow, while we focus on a big celebrity guest star busting in TONIGHT.

(This also let’s us put some extra polish on the upcoming Halloween event before it ships out.)

Mayor West personally apologizes for the delay, and asked us to tell you: “Box, toaster, aluminum, maple syrup.”

So first of all, we have a BIG celebrity guest coming in tonight. This is rather exciting news. Since this was posted three hours hours ago, we should expect it sometime now or very soon. Who knows when this big celebrity guest will come in, maybe he’ll come in at a certain point of the quest, but what role will this celebrity have in the game (and will it take away time for unlocking the other characters too).

Next, we have Mayor West finally coming after being delayed on Tuesday. After being delayed, alot of us were disappointed that he wasn’t coming out this Tuesday after the message popped up after openign the game. But now we should be seeing our lovable mayor soon in the game.

Also noticed what Mayor West says at the end with “Box, toaster, aluminum, maple syrup”. Does this mean that we’ll need to collect these items in order to unlock Mayor West or the new celebrity guest? So many possibilities.

So Family Guy Players, what do you think of this message. Are you excited for a new celebrity guest to be coming tonight? Excited to finally see Mayor West coming after the delay? What kind of tasks will the celebrity guest or Mayor West have? Let us know on this topic. Til then, i’m out.



2 thoughts on “Mayor West to Come Tomorrow and a New Celebrity Guest?”

  1. Happy about this. I’m still trying to unlock Tom Tucker (Bloody Satelites and Mustache Cream taking forever) but completed everything else so I literally have Stewie, Peter and Hartman getting items while the rest doing generic tasks coin collecting!


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