Mayor West has been delayed! *****Updated*****

Have you been waiting for the Mayor West?

TinyCo have confirmed that Mayor West is not coming tonight. We are trying to squeeze them for a bit more juice on that one so hang tight and we will try and provide you with some more infomation!


The next episode of District 9, which includes the Mayor West Mystery, is set to be released later this week. He needed a bit more time collecting taffy. In the meantime, we still have new content planned for you guys tonight! Stay tuned for more information about Mayor West!

The players that received the in-game notification and read the post would have expected Mayor West in our games an hour and a half ago, but unfortunately, Mayor West has been delayed.

You game is not glitching and you can stop continously going in and out of your game for the time being.

More news and updated information will be posted here when we find out, so keep checking back!


6 thoughts on “Mayor West has been delayed! *****Updated*****”

  1. They shouldn’t of really teaser about him if they weren’t 100% ready for him being added… but I suppose this gives me more time to unlock Tom & get his quests done. All the other stuff I’m nearly done with!


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