Circus Comeback: Pee Pants the Inebriated Hobo Clown is back!

Guess who is making a comeback?

TinyCo are bringing back lots of our favourites back into the game this week – what have we done to deserve this?

Did you request Pee Pants to come back into the game? Well, TinyCo has listened!

Instead of collecting Candy Floss and splatting Clowns – you can buy Pee Pants for 175 Clams!

You need to be Level 1 and have District 3 unlocked. Pee Pants will not come with any quests, but he does have brilliant animations to go with his funny tasks!

The Ring of Fire is back too – this is needed for one of Pee Pants’ tasks – it costs 125 Clams.

The bug we warned you about with the Rollerblading Bikini Peter still exists…

You will find the costume at Al Harrington’s BUT there is a known bug:

Once you open up Al Harrington’s, you will see Pee Pants Peter to purchase. He will be available for clams. If you swipe to another Peter costume and then swipe back to Pee Pants Peter, you will see his required items have appeared. If you try to tap on these items, it may cause the game to crash. These items should NOT be appearing because this costume should only be purchasable with clams.

Will you be buying Pee Pants? Are you pleased Pee Pants has made a comeback?


4 thoughts on “Circus Comeback: Pee Pants the Inebriated Hobo Clown is back!”

  1. A real circus comes back to town every 6 months or so.
    I had one pie left to throw but there were no more clowns left.
    And Tinyco said: ” we doubt we’ve seen the last of them ”
    I want to throw that last pie to collect that costume. not buy NOW.
    Now I’m MAD, it Pee pants-me-off. Most people get paid at the end of the month, Tinyco ! your slipping ! It’s the Quest for stuff, not the Quest to sell CLAMS !!
    If Vinny could talk , he would agree with me !!!


  2. So I guess all the work we did trying to get him the first time was a complete and udder waste of time. It’s kind of an insult to re-introduce him and expect people to Joe pay cash for him. If they were smart they would actually reward the people who shell out cash and make sure that when a quest comes up that the limited costumes and people you pay for are always able to get quest items. It would make the characters more valuable and people would be more apt to spend real money on them rather than having another useless costume or useless person that you paid for. For example what good is Nathan fillion to the people who bought him now? How much better would he be if for every quest he had a chance at getting something?


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