Costume: What Can I Make Rollerblading Bikini Peter Do

Here is a list of all the tasks and earnings for Rollerblading Bikini Peter:

Task: Toot Toot Aw Beep Beep!
Duration: 2 hours
Earnings: $30 XP20

Task: Spinning Top
Duration: 4 hours
Earnings: $50 XP30

Task: Sexy Skate
Duration: 8 hours
Earnings: $80 XP50

Task: Lather Bronzer
Duration: 12 hours
Earnings: $100 XP65

Task: Inquire About Skating Waitress Job
Duration: 16 hours
Earnings: $115 XP75

Task: Show Off Drunken Skating
Duration: 24 hours
Earnings: $150 XP100

What’s your favourite animation from these tasks? Have you bought Rollerblading Bikini Peter yet?


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