4th July Comeback: Rollerblading Bikini Peter is back!

Look who has made a come back…

TinyCo has brought back Rollerblading Bikini Peter!

If you want Rollerblading Bikini Peter, he will cost 125 Clams -but you need to be quick… Peter’s costume is limited time and only around for 24 hours!

You will find the costume at Al Harrington’s BUT there is a known bug:

Once you open up Al Harrington’s, you will see Rollerblading Bikini Peter to purchase. He will be available for clams. If you swipe to another Peter costume and then swipe back to Rollerblading Peter, you will see his required items have appeared. If you try to tap on these items, it may cause the game to crash. These items should NOT be appearing because this costume should only be purchasable with clams.

Please DO NOT tap on the items and if you wish to buy Rollerblading Bikini Peter, PLEASE only tap on the option to purchase him – otherwise you game will crash!

Are you a completist so you NEED this costume? Have you already bought Rollerblading Bikini Peter? Are you pleased TinyCo brought back this costume? Is there any costumes you missed out on that you hope TinyCo bring back?


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