Thursday Throwback: Bear on the Loose!

If you didn’t have Human Rupert from the Tea Party event, then you may have been one of the players requesting for him back – and guess what… THURSDAY THROWBACK: Human Rupert is back!

You will receive the one parter quest called – Bear on the Loose!

Guess what you need to do?!

You need to spend 250 Clams to Get Rupert from the Bare Bear Tanning Salon!

Once you have bought him… (because obviously you have – who wouldn’t want Human Rupert?!) that will end the Bear on the Loose quest but you don’t go empty handed – you earn $750 and XP475! Congratulations! 😉

Have you bought Human Rupert? Do you have all the premium characters now? At least Human Rupert helps collect items for Sexy Stewie, and comes with a building!


5 thoughts on “Thursday Throwback: Bear on the Loose!”

  1. I have been locked out of the game for 3 weeks, have contacted support over 300 times and have heard nothing back. Commented on over 50 blogs & I still can’t access the game… I keep getting requesting empty assetId… I’ve done every bit of trouble shooting available. I highly recommend no one spends money on this game… Something goes wrong, you can’t get help. Very disappointed!


  2. Hmmm. I haven’t received the Bear on the Loose quest. I see he is available for purchase in the characters section but no in game notification that he’s there for a limited time only.

    My game is up to date and I got my pumpkin and 1st candy in the wee hours of this morning.

    Are we sure Rupert is limited time only and is there something else I can try to trigger the quest?


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