Speculation: Who stole the Blimp Plutonium?

We are seeing some speculation in the comments regarding the missing Blimp Plutonium! Who do you think did it?!

Some ideas from other readers are:

1. Vinny will appear in the game as the character that stole the Blimp Plutonium to stop Stewie from going back in time. Vinny wouldn’t want Stewie to stop Brian from being killed, otherwise Vinny wouldn’t be needed as Brian’s replacement!

2. Bertram could be trying to destroy Stewie’s plans by stealing the Blimp Plutonium, preventing Stewie from completing his Time Machine!

Do you have any ideas or do you agree with any of these speculated guesses? What do you hope happens? Do you think if and when Vinny appears on Thursday, that he will just hand over the Blimp Plutonium IF he has it? Or do you think the storyline will continue?


25 thoughts on “Speculation: Who stole the Blimp Plutonium?”

  1. I sent my blimp out to get the triceratops and it never returned
    Now in Star Trek senerio and it is not avaible nor is the plutonium????


  2. Still no stolen plutonium or clues. What’s going on? Level 50.. have West, Vinny, everyone else.. Did all the Holiday events get in the way of dev finishing up this quest?


    1. You are right. The quest for the stolen plutonium has not been completed yet due to the focus on the major events this past three months. Hopefully TinyCo will continue it soon I believe.



  3. Well now that the American Dad cross over event has started, I believe the best assumption for the missing plutonium would be Roger. He’ll arrive in the game at the end of November (apparently) and it is probable that the plutonium will arrive with him. Of course it’s a good assumption that he’d need it for his spaceship but as we know from the ‘rapture’ episode of American Dad, his spaceship is powered by the diamond encrusted, golden poop. So maybe he needs it for something else, but as this is the latest event to occur in the game and, it’s been some time for anything to come to light about the plutonium it’d be nice that this theory was correct. Also, I really cannot take the wait to see who the hell has it!


  4. The Mayor West box, the Giant Lite Brite is missing letters and has a lid on it. So I deuce find the letters and the lid will open.
    I don’t know yet how or where to look for letters at this point.
    At level 43


    1. Hi Alex.

      Currently, the missing blimp plutonium is not in the game yet. So expect to see it sometime after the Halloween event.



  5. I have completed all of the district 9 quests and there is still no stolen plutonium, I have no quests left to do. Does anyone know where it is?


      1. I wonder if his tasks will be really random like he is, such as date Meg, date Carol, get all the A’s out of his body, avoid the Noid, distract townsfolk, jingle keys etc 😀 I LOVE Mayor West!!


    1. Actually guys the stolen plutonium is in a mission called going so far or something like that where stewie should find it . The mission takes about 4 hours and then u got the plutonium to activate the blimp


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