Quest: What the Deuce

This is the walkthrough for the quest – What the Deuce!

What the Deuce Pt. 1

– Have Stewie Invesitgate the Airfield (Duration: 6 hours, Earnings: $65, XP45)
– Have Brian Invesitgate the Airfield (Duration: 6 hours, Earnings: $65, XP45)

Earnings: $400, XP250

What the Deuce Pt. 2

– Open the Downtown District (you can now unlock District 9)
– Repair Quahog 5 News (you need to unlock the nearby blocks first – all 3 cost $14000 and take 20 hours, once this is completed – you will see a hammer icon above Quahog 5 News – this takes 8 hours and costs $22000 to repair. You will find Tom Tucker! *Amazing Tom Tucker Deal! will immediately appear – you can buy the Moustache Boutique and Tom Tucker’s Dressing Trailer now, but if you buy them and Jake Tucker, you will earn 50 Clams back!*)

Earnings: $400, XP250

The rest of this questline must open up next week, but don’t quote me on that!


20 thoughts on “Quest: What the Deuce”

  1. I have been in district 9 for sometime now I have done everything up to unlocking mayor Adam west and I still have not found the stole plutonium do you know why or do I have to wait till the end of this district?


  2. We should be able to earn/collect more clams as building rewards through out the game. Some people can’t buy certain things. Character unlocking should also give us the items we need, not all icons are given for character work.. Ty


  3. I’m at What the Deuce Pt. 2, have cleared the Downtown District, and have repaired the news station, but when I click on the check, I get booted from the game. It also boots me if I try to purchase the news van or human rupert. I have unlocked Sexy Stewie, and am collecting candy, but can’t start on Tucker for some reason. I’m on Android, and hope that maybe the Adam West update (today at 3pm I think) maybe fixes this. I have reported it, and posted on here several times, but have yet to hear anything back.


      1. This is going to sound stupid, but I’m not sure how to log in or out, I am playing on a samsung tablet and don’t log in and out each time. I am connected to a google play account, but aren’t sure if I even have a log in name or not. There is a long set of numbers and letters at the bottom left of my account info screen.


      2. The long white digits is your account number, but you need to have logged in using Facebook, Google+ or create an username. If you tap on the blue button that has lots of little squares on it, then account info, you can log in


  4. When I tap on the blimp it says I need to get stolen plutonium from ‘downtown’ quests and I have unlocked tom tucker but I’m not seeing any ‘ ! ‘ on anyone.


      1. You’ve been busy Zooey lol, all my notifications are you commenting 😛 I came up with an idea to make our team better…what if (once a week or so) we all chat together about what the key issues are and how to fix them as sometimes I feel like I can’t help much as I don’t know a lot about some of the issues, you know? How’s that sound?

        RyPod 🙂


      2. I was thinking about the same thing today… I was going to suggest sending the FAQS post to you and any other questions or issues I have seen 🙂 I have been very busy today! :p


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