The end is near!

…and now I face, the final curtain!

TinyCo has released some information regarding all the Comic-Con items, quests, the Harpoons and batteries!

“The end of the Quahog Comic-Con event is almost here! The event will end today, Monday, September 8th at 3:00pm PDT. When the event ends, the entire Comic-Con event space will disappear. If you purchased a building from the shop (such as the Training Montage Training Center) or you won a building as a prize (such as the Sir Lanceawart’s Board Games), this is yours to keep and place in your Quahog even after the event ends. 

All event-related currency, such as Blam!, bombs, harpoons and batteries will also disappear. These will not convert or rollover after the event ends, so SPEND NOW!

All event-related quests will be removed from the game and any unfinished Comic-Con celebrity will leave too. If you have a Comic-Con celebrity that is completely unlocked, they will stay in the game permanently and their quests will continue. After the event is over, the “Q” Hotel and the Nothing To See Here Factory will no longer spawn Nerds for you to defeat. 

Stripper Bonnie has been extended permanently. You will still need to start her quest “Hostess with the Mostess Pt 1″ DURING the event, but you will have all the time you need after the event to complete her costume. The quests for Rollocop Joe and Iron Baby Stewie will also continue after the event as long as you start them during the event. 

Any unclaimed prizes from your Prizes tab will be moved to your inventory. 

We hope this information help and thank you to everyone for making this an event to remember!”

So, as you can see – no Harpoon or Battery conversion, some quests will continue and no word on when we will receive the final journal entry yet!


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