TinyCo’s Solution!

One of our readers, Gloria, has spoken to TinyCo regarding the bugged game yesterday and would like to share their response with you:

Harrison TinyCo | August 09, 2014 | 20:32 -0400

On August 8th between 7:30pm and 9pm PST, players logging on received a bugged update to the game. This causes the game to crash upon completing the load screen. We fixed the bug after 9pm, so no new players are affected. However, those who logged in during that time will still see crashes.

To fix this, please uninstall and reinstall Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff from Google Play, the Apple App Store, or the Amazon App Store. Reinstalling the game gives a full set of fresh files and completely fixes this particular loading issue.

Important note on reinstalling and your game progress: Your game will be safely waiting for you when you reopen after reinstalling. If you had an account set up, such as by logging on with Facebook or using an email address, you may need to log back in.

If your game has been reset to level 1, simply complete the tutorial and select the menu option to sign into Facebook, Google+, or Username. This will restore your previous progress. If you need to reset your password, you can do this through the account menu.

If you have any further problems logging in after reinstalling, please let us know.

Sorry for the frustration. We’re excited to see you back in Quahog!


6 thoughts on “TinyCo’s Solution!”

  1. Kinda related. My buddy is thinkin bout switching from his android to an iDevice. Will having his email set up allow him to do this or is the save files separate for the two platforms?


    1. I’m not sure, I have only used Facebook login so I can’t advise in case your friend ends up losing their progess :/ probably be best to ask TinyCo if there isn’t anyone here that knows?


  2. DO NOT USE THIS “SOLUTION” UNLESS YOU HAVE AN ACCOUNT SET UP – IT WILL WIPE OUT YOUR GAME PROGRESS! I received the same reply from contacting TinyCo support. I tried it on my iPad and it started me all over at level 1 again. This “solution” WON’T WORK for players like me who opted not to use an account. I don’t use facebook or google+. When I started playing weeks ago the game didn’t mention anywhere that setting up an account would be the only way to recover your game progress if they released a botched update sometime in the future (and the future is now). Restoring from a known good iTunes backup didn’t let me run the game without it crashing. And because the game crashes now no matter what I do, I don’t have the opportunity to create an account to salvage my progress because that can only be done inside the game…which of course works only if it doesn’t crash! Really poor design, TinyCo! Weak, lame, not cool.


  3. I appear to have found another problem (Maybe, my game may just be bugged), as one of my buildings has a latcher stewie on it, as well as a completed character quest, but the icon only shows the checkmark, while the building Is purple, and whenever I try to zap the latcher, my game will freeze up and ive already uninstalled the game a couple times… It there a solution to this, or do I have to wait till the latcher moves?


  4. My game is crashing a lot now inalready uninstalled and reinstalled. It was working fine now it keeps crashing whenever I zap nerds or try to collect from my buildings.


  5. For causing a ton of stress and hair pulling you’d think Tiny would offer some kind of compensation eg 50 Clams. I like many other users suffered the ‘glitch’ and lost valuable time in completing tasks as required during the Comic Con Festival. Come on TinyCo do the honourable thing and not just say sorry.


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