Brian Mystery Box…

Well they’ve released a Brian Mystery Box with some awesome items. But a not so awesome price.

Robo Brian

A nice feature is that you can’t get the same building or deco item twice… too bad it means you can pay 75 clams for 350 Blam! more than once. Would have been a better feature that there were only 14 Prizes that you could only get one time… which would also result in getting 250 clams back. Here’s a list of the prizes.


I really want the Robocop Xl-K killer robot, the Clamterprise, and the Gyro Stand. But at 75 clams a pop, i probably won’t even buy one. 25 clams a pop and i would have taken a few swings.

I truly like this update, but i feel like you’d have to spend like a $100 to get almost everything. It’s just too much for me.

Also i noticed that the Stewie Zapper is now 4hrs to recharge instead of 6 hrs. And there’s also a new weekly prize that you can unlock by Zapping Mutant Stewie however many times over the period. Each week results in a Fabulous Four vehicle. This weeks is the Nailgunner just Zap Stewie 15 times… at 4 hours a zap, you could get 5-6 a day and easily unlock this vehicle.

Tap on you sexy tappers,



8 thoughts on “Brian Mystery Box…”

  1. The Boxes are not worth the Clams – I do not want to play f**ing Lottery Games!!!

    Better KEEPING the free clams if UNLOCKING some of the NEW CHARACTERS or COSTUMES gets difficult towards the end… I want them more than some nice buildings 🙂


  2. Well I got the Clamterprise and it does nothing. Unlike the comicon version the one you win has no reward and no payoff. Booo. Such a waste.


  3. If they removed the Inflatable guy and the BLAM prizes, and it was just buildings/prize deco/clams, i’d be all over this.


  4. TinyCo is making this game not very enjoyable. They really have to stop with the extra rare and rare items, especially for events like this(timed events). I don’t mind having to take my time for just the regular story line but this is ridiculous. I don’t get to play much and would like to get everything.


  5. Well, took a swing at it, and got the Clamterprise on my first try. Price is greedy, but I guess i can be satisfied now!


  6. That tube guy is a major booby prize. That one needs removed! I won’t be playing it, but for those that do pour in the cash, that tube guy should never have been a prize. It is a low cost Blam item.

    I really think a lot of effort went into the event, but the money grab from TinyCo seems a bit shameful on this one. Glad they changed the zapper to 4 hours. I think the yellow nerd batteries are set to release like the clams. I have only found one battery since the Stewie part if the event began. I have found 2-3 clams.


  7. Im in the same boat as not even seeing the mystery box in my town as not got captain hammered yet.. it sucks having to have a specific quest to do but making everything rare…


  8. Really getting on my nerves this all this new stuff and i still cant get any tasks from stewart or perlman and am still on page 1 of the comic no mutant stewies think i am screwed for the next 40 days


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