Does Mutant Stewie Kick Your Characters Out?

A message from TinyCo regarding this common problem!

Hey guys, we’re seeing player report that when Latcher Stewie attaches to a building where you have a character inside completing a task, the character will get kicked out. Are you guys experiencing this?

Latcher Stewie should trap the character inside until you defeat him, it shouldn’t kick the character out. If you’re experiencing this, please send us your PlayerID

You can find your Player ID by tapping on Menu > Account Info and it’s the 32-long string of letters and numbers in the bottom right hand corner.


4 thoughts on “Does Mutant Stewie Kick Your Characters Out?”

  1. I’ve had several tasks that were collecting blam! get cancelled by this and my daughters even got to witness one incident with the zapper where the count-down timer was at 20 seconds and counted down to 0 seconds then went back up to an hour or so, making me wait longer than 4 hours.


  2. I;m having this problem, and its affecting all my characters on tasks. They need to fix this quick. My Player ID Is f8edc92b9db240b98e2688a737463eb4


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