Character: What Can I Make PB & J Brian Do

You may have already unlocked PB & J Brian, but for those players still waiting for Banana Peels, these are PB & J Brian’s tasks:

Task: Do it Double Time
Duration: 4 hours
Earnings: $50, XP 30

Task: Cheer Up Peter (joint task with Peter)
Duration: 6 hours
Earnings: $165, XP 115

Task: Dance for Peanut Butter Jelly Time
Duration: 8 hours
Earnings: $80, XP 50

Task: Do it in Slow Motion
Duration: 12 hours
Earnings: $100, XP 65

Task: Tease Monkeys
Duration: 24 hours
Earnings: $150, XP 100

What do you think about PB & J Brian’s tasks? Any missing that you really wanted? What is your favourite task and animation?




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