Get Blasted off… and Unlock the Shuttle

Hey tappers,

We got a weekend task, to Unlock the Clamterprise, Q, and the Quahog Convention Center, and then receive a Space Shuttle that increases the nerd spawning.

Shuttle 1 quest

After receiving this item, I placed it, then instantly noticed a ton of extra nerds walking around, blue, red, and yellow ones!

Shuttle 2

If you notice while the item is in your inventory it takes 16hrs to build. But I placed it instantly. There is no hourly exp/money reward, but it does seem to increase the nerd spawn ratio. Which eventually i hope we will learn exactly what that is.
If you’re tapping regularly on nerds and completing some of the quests, then opening these 3 buildings to unlock the shuttle should be a breeze. You’ve got a day or so more, so get on it!

To infinity and beyond… Sorry, that was embarrassing for us all,



One thought on “Get Blasted off… and Unlock the Shuttle”

  1. Got mine this morning, is anyone else finding this a lot harder than collecting moon idols?
    I understand there is more you have to spend using the bam things but still only sat on 3500 since comic con started.


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