New Blam! earning deco!

With the weekend update and mini-event, a new PREMIUM deco was added that earns Blam!


The Blam Sommelier is 700 Clams, a bit pricey but it will earn you 250 Blam! every 8 hours! That is 750 Blam! a day throughout the whole event!

Do you think this is worth the Clams? Have you already bought it?


11 thoughts on “New Blam! earning deco!”

  1. This is starting to get ridiculous, seriously… Someone needs to reign in TinyCo, how is this happening or even allowed? I mean, let’s put this in perspective… This new item cost more than 20 dollars? You can buy an entire console game for 20 dollars! I mean what? Seriously? How greedy can they be. It’s not even greedy, it’s completely absurd. The funny part is, if they had any business mind at all they’d make it just a few dollars, then everyone would buy it. I’d rather sell 200 items as 5 bucks than 5 items for 20. Ya dig.


    1. I understand totally – $20 for one item is very expensive when you think about groceries or fuel! If it was cheaper, maybe more players would buy it which would make TinyCo profit more in the long run!


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