Character Background: Human Rupert

I thought I would give you guys some more information about Rupert/Human Rupert!


As we all know, Rupert is Stewie’s favourite teddy bear and best friend, which reminds us all that Stewie is still an infant.


I’m not sure whether Stewie has realised, but when Rupert first appeared in Family Guy, he was brown, but now – Rupert is very orange!

Human Rupert is a made-up vision of how Stewie pictures Rupert as a Human, but strangely, Human Rupert still has a teddy bear head!

Human Rupert

Stewie has imagined Rupert as a Human several times and even built a snowman replica of Rupert as a Human during the episode – ‘Road to the North Pole’.

Rupert has appeared in 58 episodes and 1 exclusive episode which was an additional DVD bonus special. Here is the breakdown of how many appearances Rupert has made during each series:

First series: 1
Second series: 3
Third series: 3
Fourth series: 5
Fifth series: 5
Sixth series: 2
Seventh series: 3
Eighth series: 5
Ninth series: 7
Tenth series: 6
Eleventh series: 11
Twelfth series: 8

When Rupert is a teddy bear, he doesn’t respond to Stewie, so he isn’t voiced, but when Stewie imagines Rupert as a Human, he is voiced by David Boat.

Human Rupert

I hope you have enjoyed learning a few facts about Human Rupert, if you have any other fun facts that aren’t included, feel free to comment your facts and I will add them to this post!

Have you won Human Rupert? Do you still have a few chances left today to win him? Do you have a ‘special’ teddy friend?

Human Rupert


2 thoughts on “Character Background: Human Rupert”

    1. You’re welcome 🙂 I’m glad it has helped you think he is less weird! I remember watching a show with someome called Cartoon Head and he was a normal human with a mouse type cartoon head over his head and that’s what Human Rupert reminds of haha 🙂


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