Your feedback on item drops!

Since TinyCo announced that item drop rates will increase each time you do not find an item drop after tapping the golden ticks, have you noticed a difference?

After this announcement, I have received two blueprints – whereas before, I was finding it difficult as the tasks related to dropping a blueprint are very long!

Have you managed to grab yourself some of the much needed but hard to obtain materials since the drop rates have changed?

Are you pleased that TinyCo listened to the players that were not pleased with the drop rates?

Or… were you pleased with the previous drop rate because it took longer to unlock characters and costumes?

Let us know how you feel about the recent changes and whether you have been lucky enough to benefit from these changes!


13 thoughts on “Your feedback on item drops!”

  1. I was scammed loads in event s and earning stewie and carter I put so much time in on events waking to alarm and all to get under 60k moons. So bored trying to get stewie in end. I deleted game found out about new event and wanted try hard again. We have longer but hope extra time allows is to finish event happy.


  2. Only thing I’ve noticed is it being worse. Maybe it’s the combo of Stewie and Carter along with insanely long tasks. It’s starting to get boring.


  3. No change still impossible to get things. Louis alone rode the bull 9 times and nothing. I think they played us and used a placebo effect game on everyone.


  4. I agree, that it doesn’t really seem any better. I may not have been playing as long as some of you guys though. But my suggestion would also be, have common items drop from 12 hour tasks and the more rare drop from the 2 and 4 hour tasks? Maybe I would feel less annoyed if I didn’t wait 12 hours and get nothing 12 times?


    1. The gloves are frustrating me too! Over a week now, and Joe has only earned 2. I’m at 6/10 plutoniums though, and done with maracas, so it’s not all bad.


  5. I haven’t noticed much of a difference. I don’t mind I just wish they’d switch it to wear the longer tasks drop the easier items to obtain and the shorter tasks drop the harder items.


  6. I’m a little mad with them making it easier. Lots of us dealt with the old system amid some frustration, but we persevered and got the stuff. Why make it easier? I know they didn’t make it A LOT easier, but I feel like any regression was a kick in the junk of long-time players.


  7. I haven’t noticed any difference. My long tasks still seem to hardly drop anything. Requiring 20 of the rare 12 hour tasks for the banana peels is annoying. Bad enough when it is an 8 hour task that hardly drops. Seems like so many 8 and 12 hour task requirements would just put people back in the trend of not playing as often since you are not reasigning jobs.

    Oh well, it is what it is.


  8. It’s nice that they appear faster, they definitely upped the length of the tasks needed to get the items, but if we unlocked everything quickly then we’d just be waiting for them to give us more stuff. Stewie is meant to take a almost month to unlock (since he takes two new costume unlocks to open). And i’m fine with that. I’m just glad i’m not tasking for a friggin week for one eyeball.


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