Complete Walkthrough – District 8 (Stewie, Carter, Costumes, & MORE!)


District 8 (Stewie, Carter, PB&J Brian, Falconer Peter, Nerds, & Buildings Galore) is HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE!!!! No app store update needed-just keep playing!

There is a TON to cover!  SPOILERS AHEAD & make sure to read all the way to the bottom for some great tips!

True to form, TinyCo has dropped another late Friday evening update, and it is unprecedentedly HUGE!  There’s tons of stuff to spend both coins and clams on, two new (& long-awaited) characters, two new costumes, and multiple new questlines.  Plus, now there’s teasers in the Character Menu for the future characters of Barb Pewterschmidt, Jillian, Neil Goldman, DEATH, and the EVIL MONKEY!!! So, let’s get to it:


As long as you’re done with District 7, the new content will pop up for you automatically; simply click on the new district Screenshot_2014-07-11-21-01-02 Screenshot_2014-07-11-21-01-24

Unlocking Stewie Griffin

You’ll first have to clear the block ($12,000 and 18 hrs), then you’ll have to repair Bob’s Funland ($20,000 and 24 hrs).  When it’s repaired, YOU HAVE (or can at least see & hear) STEWIE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Similarly to all other characters before, you have to unlock him, and this will take some time!  If you absolutely have to have him right now, pay up the 1665 clam fee! But for those of us who are neither game hackers nor independently wealthy, I’ll lay out what’s required to get him below (and Carter, and the costumes).

Screenshot_2014-07-11-21-03-17Unlocking Stewie is part of Part 1 of the Stu es Machina questline, and he needs LOTS OF STUFF AND BOTH NEW COSTUMES COMPLETED (Good thing we’re all in a Quest For Stuff, huh?).  So, he needs:

(A) 30 BluePrints (Common):

Quagmire – Watch Netchix – 12 hrs / Herbert – Watch Little League Marathon – 20 hrs / Bruce – Kitten Pickin – 20 hrs

(B) 30 Jewels (Rare):

Long John Peter – Pillage & Plunder – 4 hrs / Mort – Swallow Jewels / Jerome – Grow His Fro – 4 hrs / Bonnie – Twerk it – 4 hrs / chance of dropping every 4 hours from the Family Jewels Restaurant

(C) 10 Plutoniums (Extra Rare):

Rambo Lois – Seek Vengeance – 8 hrs / Brian – Do the Scoot – 8 hrs / 33% chance of dropping every 16 hrs from the Buncha Junk Gift Shop (built from Building Menu for 270 clams & 12 hr build time)

(D) Make PB&J Brian ‘Do It In Slow Motion’: Requires PB&J Costume for Brian–I’ll detail this below

(E) Make Xerxes ‘Bring a Turkey Leg to Falconer Peter’: Requires Falconer Costume for Peter–I’ll detail this below

If you want to know what tasks you can make Stewie do once he’s unlocked, check out our task list post by clicking here!

PB&J Brian Costume

You’ll find PB&J Brian’s costume in the Al Harrington’s Outfits store. Screenshot_2014-07-11-21-13-16

To date for me, no quest has popped up yet asking me to unlock it. Although a Brian quest does pop up called Bri-Fi Part 1, which requires Stewie, so it obviously isn’t a prerequisite to getting the PB&J Brian costume.

Anyway, to get it, you’ll either need to shell out 1000 clams (geez!), or collect:

(A) 20 Banana Peels (Rare):

Herbert – Freeze Pops – 12 hrs / Bonnie – Clip Coupons – 12 hrs

(B) 5 Maracas (Extra Rare):

Brian – Find Inspiration – 12 hrs / Peter – Ride Washing Machine – 12 hrs / 33% chance of dropping from the pLace restaurant (bought for 160 clams in the Building Menu–16 hour build time)

(C) 25 PB&J Sandwiches (Rare):

Meg – Scarf Down Hot Dogs – 8 hrs / Bruce – Teach CPR – 8 hrs / Chris – Eat Large Ham – 8 hrs

(D) 25 Baseball Bats (Common):

Lois – Teach Piano – 4 hrs / Jerome – Grow His Afro – 4 hrs

So, y’know, no biggie, JUST 45 RARE ITEMS AND 5 EXTRA RARES, then:





Falconer Peter Costume

Tapping on Peter opens up the Xerxes Returns questline, whereas you will first need to “simply” create the Falconer Peter costume.

Screenshot_2014-07-11-21-10-34To get the costume, you’ll either need to shell-out a (somewhat reasonable seeming) 575 clams, or collect:

(A) 15 Feathers (Common):

Meg – Practice Bird Calls – 6 hrs / Speedo Quagmire – Host a Genital Jamboree – 6 hrs

(B) 10 Meat Chunks (Rare):

Dr. Hartman – Extract Gerbil – 4 hrs / Quagmire – Let The Gerbil Loose – 4 hrs

(C) 10 Satchels (Rare):

Herbert – Drink a 50-Hour Energy – 10 hrs / Mort – Jetpack to Safety – 10 hrs

(D) 5 Leather Gloves (Extra Rare):

Mid-Life Crisis Lois – Ride the Bucking Bronco – 8 hrs / Joe – Do Target Practice – 8 hrs

Doing everything above here will allow you to unlock Stewie (at long last).  If you’re counting though, that’s 20 Extra Rare items, 95 Rare items, and 70 Common items.  Like I said at the top:


Below are how to get Carter Pewterschmidt, and my progressing  walkthrough for the new Freaks & Geeks questline:

Unlocking Carter Pewterschmidt

Carter is found in your Character Menu, and first requires building the Quahog Malt Shop ($10,000 cost & 16 hr build time).  Once it’s built, the No Candy For Old Men questline opens and you can see another new character in your Quahog!!!


Once he unlocks, you’ll need to collect (even more) items to free him; here’s what’s required:

(A) Money!!! I already had enough for this, so it pre-filled with a check mark.  When I tapped it, it cleared, and I didn’t see how much exactly it asked for/took.  Almost positive it was $25,000 though.

(B) 15 Sugar Packets (Uncommon):

Long John Peter – Steal Sugar, Tobacco, & Spices – 8 hrs / Chris – Eat Large Ham – 8 hrs

(C) 15 Fuzzy Slippers (Uncommon):

Herbert – Be a Peeping Tom / Quagmire & Peter – Nap Time – 6 hrs / Dropped randomly from Herbert’s House – 6 hours

(15) 15 Jewels (Rare): Same tasks & building as above for Stewie

Freaks and Geeks Questline

The next new BIG thing to hit us starts by tapping on Lois.  Screenshot_2014-07-11-21-09-10She first opens the One Hot Mama questline Part 6.  This was the same questline that had previously unlocked her scrumptious Mid-Life Crisis costume.  It simply asks you to Enter District 8, and then to Clear the Block with Bob’s Funland.  You were probably doing that already though, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised now as the REWARD FOR THIS IS A FREAKIN SWEET 20 CLAMS!!!

Screenshot_2014-07-11-21-09-47After begrudgingly closing the dialogue box with the beautifully-belly-shirted Lois, you’ll now notice a bunch of new Blue Guys walking around your town–THEY’RE NERDS (think Bulls, Pirates, etc. from the past).  Lois now kicks off the Freaks & Geeks questline! And tapping on a Nerd says it requires completing Part 6 of this quest to clear these squatters!

Part 1 of Freaks & Geeks asks for Amine Peter to do the 8 hour Super Desu Dance (Dance Dance Revolution-style!)

Part 2 starts by tapping Lois, and asks her to do the 4-hr ‘Skank it Up’ task in her Mid-Life Crisis costume.

Part 3 wants you to send Lois on her 12 hour Cool Off task (one of my personal favorites).

This is where I’m at right now with the questline. Part 4 doesn’t even pop up until Stewie is unlocked, so I am stalled right here until further notice. If you want to read the rest of the tasks in this questline, check out our quick walkthrough post here.

Hot Tips:

-I highly recommend buying a Family Jewels store (at least one). With 40 Jewels (Rare drop rate) to collect to get Stewie and Carter, it’s really gonna help, and it’s a cute little cheap addition to your Quahog.

-MAXIMIZE your efforts around your daily schedule!  It doesn’t really matter which costume you unlock first.  Try to put as many characters as possible on equal-length jobs (i.e. all 4-hr, 8-hr, or 12-hr) to ensure you waste as little time as possible. Also, maybe even set phone reminders during the day to remind you when all of your characters come due.

-Bite the bullet in the evenings & set as many folks as possible on their 12 hour jobs about 12 hours before you need to wake up the next day (even though this means you can’t touch them for a few hours before you go to sleep).

-If you’re hurting for money, OFFICE FARM!!!  Check out our post on it by clicking here.


I hope this has given you a good intro to the new content.  I am blown-away at the magnitude of this, and can’t wait to hear what you all think about it.  My only complaints so far are that none of the required items come from 1 hour tasks (all of them are either 4, 8, 12, 16, &or20 hours), and that none of any previously-purchased premium characters/buildings help you with any of the new stuff.

If you have ANY questions or issues or comments on this update, I’d LOVE to hear/answer them below!  Keep checking back as I will update this post with more content as I work through it all over the next few weeks!  Thank you for reading & happy tapping!



12 thoughts on “Complete Walkthrough – District 8 (Stewie, Carter, Costumes, & MORE!)”

  1. I’ve been trying to unlock Stewie since he first appeared, I’ve almost got enough blue prints but I’ve only got 2 plutonium rods, I’ve had Bryan and Lois doing their tasks to unlock the plutonium rods for about 5 days now. I know it’s ‘extra rare’ but I’m wondering if anyone else is having and issue


    1. That’s odd. You should’ve gotten a plutonium rod by now, even if you didn’t get any through Lois and Brian’s tasks, one of the update on the item drop chance gives you better odds of getting an item after each failed attempt to get an item. So you should’ve gotten one by now. Either your very unlucky or maybe there’s a glitch. Either way, keep trying and if it doesn’t drop soon, perhaps asking TinyCo about it and see what they say.



  2. Finally unlocked Carter. But nothing popped up to start a quest line does he not have one? I hope we didn’t go through all of this to get no quest lines for these characters.


    1. My questions for Carter popped up seemingly randomly. Lots started it, and it was right after my falconer Peter costume had finished building. There is definitely a questions for Carter, but I already had him at level 4 before it began.


      1. Hmmm. I did my own little research and everyone is saying it’s random. One person said it took 30 hours after he unlocked him for his quest line to prompt. Guess I’ll have to be patient lol


  3. Can you think of a reason why my Bob’s Funland won’t unlock for me? It has a checkmark over it because I paid to repair it but when I click on it my app closes. The app is all up to date, as is my phone (I have an iPhone 4S if that matters). I deleted apps on my phone to make more memory space but that didn’t work either. The only other thing I can think of is to delete the app and re-download it.


    1. I haven’t of heard that issue yet. Try the troubleshooting steps in our post HERE. Those steps should help you to ensure your phone can comfortably run the app. If they don’t fix this issue for you, uninstall/reinstall the app via your Play Store (only do this if you have already linked your game to Facebook or Google). If that doesn’t work, you don’t have much choice but to contact TinyCo via the in-game Help and Support menu. If it comes to that, be very very very specific with your issue.
      Hope this helps! Let’s us know if it does/doesn’t. Thanks for reading!


      1. I deleted the app and then downloaded it again, connected it with my Facebook, and it was good as new. Thanks.


      2. Woo Hoo! Enjoy the quest for Stewie. My tip is to keep Bonnie and Herbert going after banana peels constantly. Those have been the slowest items so far for me, and you need 20


  4. Wooohoooo. Thanks Pickles! Awesome knowing what is ahead..
    I do NOT have enough coin saved up for this… ahhhh!!! Wasted it all already this last week! XD


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