What Grinds Your Gears? 4th of July Special

As you may have seen, we held a “What Grinds Your Gears?” post when the Peter Griffin and The Kingdom of the Full Moon event ended, so it is time to give us your feedback regarding the 4th of July event (as well as other issues you are experiencing!)

We have had our patriotic event for a week now, how are you feeling about it? Have you managed to gamble ALL your money away and end up with an inventory choc full of fireworks? Join the club!

Wouldn’t it be freakin’ sweet to be able to sell our unwanted winnings or be able to re-gamble (whilst giving up the unwanted prize) for an extra $1000?

Did you not receive ANY white patriotic flowers? Or were you one of the players that ONLY received flowers? Although they are considered EXCLUSIVE – the red and blue patriotic flowers were only worth $200!

Are you a little narked about gambling so much of your savings BEFORE we received new expansions AND sneaky peeks at two new districts?

These may only be a few of the hot topics this week, feel free to add more of your own gripes and rant about what really GRINDS YOUR GEARS!

I’ll be seeing YOU in the comments section below!


6 thoughts on “What Grinds Your Gears? 4th of July Special”

  1. I’m standing here in the comments section below, IGMG that they extend our town in random places, if there was a designated spot where we knew more land would be it would save me from making a lovely placed corner area surrounded by trees and forest that now how has an empty block behind it. As for the July 4th event. I loved it, it took only a fraction of the event to unlock what I needed. I do wish others would not experience this lack of so called ‘random’ mystery box prizes and item drops. They need to allow you to get these prizes first up and then perhaps make it more random after that. Like trying to get every firework. Make it a 50% chance of getting the one you still need and push all the other prizes into the other 50%, rather then a small percent in a large prize pool the entire time. It ruins it for the loyal players who get frustrated that its down to dumb luck rather then hard work and persistence.


  2. What grinds my gears? It’s after 9 pm eastern and district 8 is still locked!
    Also, all characters should have 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, and 24 hour quests so we can send them all out for equal amounts of time if we want to.


  3. It grinds my gears (hereafter abbreviated IGMG) that they’d add the district teasers with no even hint of exactly when they will be available (“coming soon” doesn’t cut it).
    IGMG that the patriotic animals were so damn expensive… I still bought em though.
    IGMG that TinyCo can’t see fit to update either the app button or the play store notes for the game in timely fashions.
    IGMG that I’ll probably never own an airplane (little of-topic, but dammit!).
    IGMG that the 4 pm pst deadline has passed today and nothing yet has changed!
    That’s what’s on my mind right now. What about you?


  4. I won just 5 white flowers. I used a lot of cash buying red and blue flowers for future decorating. I also bought an extra Deep Fried Everything while it was available. I have no tasks and have made the extra character costumes, so I figure I’ll just rebuild cash flow and do the new section as I can afford it.

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